Our Children Are At Great Risk From Recent World Events

America’s next generation will not be more secure than their parents. The future will be less peaceful and prosperous based upon current events. Unfortunately, too many explosive problems are lurking on the horizon.


The nuclear standoff with Iran and North Korea are far different than the U.S./Soviet Union Cold War. “Mutual assured destruction” prevented escalation of tensions in the years after World War II. Consider the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful and confident Soviet leader, backed down when challenged by John F. Kennedy, thereby avoiding a potential nuclear confrontation. In those days, cooler heads prevailed.


A nuclear holocaust is the greatest threat to mankind because the devastation from a relatively minor event would still be catastrophic. And, a regional war could expand rapidly into a world-wide conflict. For some reason, many are not distraught about Iran developing a nuclear weapon. And, China is in no hurry to close down North Korea’s nuclear program even though it is situated close to the madman who leads North Korea. Why should we trust either country with devices that could materially harm humanity, or worse, lead to its destruction? Do we (the international community of nations) believe neither of these rogue and violent nations will use a nuke because they are afraid of reprisals? Are we prepared to go all-in on this speculation?


Current U.S. politics have severely impacted the viability of our democracy. The logical endgame for a government that can no longer negotiate and compromise internally for the good of the republic is autocracy. President Obama has already taken the first step in this process. If Congress remains deadlocked, he intends to establish regulations in lieu of laws that Congress is no longer able to enact. The country must continue to operate, so if the legislative branch is unable to do its job, the executive branch will unilaterally increase its authority. Ironically, there is already talk of impeachment if Obama moves forward with his tactic. This will muddle the waters greatly and create a constitutional imbroglio.


The recent Ebola crisis is representative of an old and continuing threat to humanity. The virus does not spread easily, so the government has decided to bring two infected people to America for treatment, a seemingly humanitarian decision. But, this has mitigated protection afforded by distance. The bacteria and viruses that could potentially wipe out a country or a continent are percolating in certain parts of the world, particularly Africa. Disease there and in so many other places with poor hygiene, impure water and infectious insects needs to be addressed now.


The economics of the 21st Century have evolved for the worse and made the world a much more risky place vulnerable to terrible poverty, long recessions, crippling inflation and  high unemployment. The fall of one large financial institution could set off a worldwide economic collapse that will affect every human on earth. Almost as dangerous is the inevitable overreaction to economic threats that will stifle innovation and capitalism. The sword of economics is not double-edged. It has countless edges. The cure to one problem frequently sets off another. For instance, overspending to stimulate economic growth could very well lead to hyperinflation.


The gurus that formulate economic policy must be very diligent, flexible, creative and decisive to avoid economic issues that could wipe out trillions of dollars of investment in one day. The leaders of the world must not be seduced by socialism or any other system that impedes innovation and the profit motive. Our economic system should encourage entrepreneurs and financiers to emerge from the masses and lead us to better lives. At this moment in time, capitalism is our best alternative.


Religious fanaticism has climbed towards the top of the list of great concerns, as it threatens global tranquility. A modern day crusade is under way that intimidates all those who believe in religious freedom. The Middle East and certain parts of Asia are the epicenters for these very dangerous ideologies. In a nutshell, radical elements of Islam have become more militant and intolerant of other religious beliefs. At first, the movement was slow to grow. Social media has enabled the most violent groups to spread their venom and recruit those with little hope. Most recently, the Arab Spring resulted in the collapse of several governments. Formerly, these countries were ruled despotically, but the change to theocratic rule has not decreased unrest and anarchy. As these countries try to form new governments, religious provocateurs representing the two major Islam sects are creating more chaos.


The situation is not promising for our young people. Everything from politics, to nuclear proliferation, to health issues, to economics, to religion pose serious threats to our lives.


America needs new, great, decisive and respected leadership. We will have to apply military and economic measures to ensure peace and protect future generations.


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