The Speech Obama Should Have Made about the ISIS Conflict

By Sal Bommaritio

I was very disappointed in President Obama’s speech yesterday about the ISIS crisis. In this regard, I wrote a speech for Obama that addresses the issues most important to the American people.

My fellow Americans,

In recent months, the terrorist organization known as ISIS has attacked Syria and Iraq. This band of thugs has slaughtered countless Shiite Arabs and has taken control of thousands of square miles of territory in the aforementioned countries. Although ISIS is not a nation, I have decided to declare war on ISIS and am asking the Senate to approve this declaration as delineated by the U.S. Constitution.

ISIS represents a clear and present danger to Syrians and Iraqis, as well as neighboring Arab countries. This organization is terrorizing fellow Arabs as well as non-Arab and non-Sunni individuals in the region. Recently, ISIS beheaded three non-combatants, two Americans and one British citizen. These were cruel and horrendous acts against innocent bystanders.

It is possible that ISIS could be a threat to the U.S. homeland and our allies around the world. ISIS has recruited scores of individuals from the West to fight with it. Many leaders are concerned that these people might return to their homelands and create havoc in the name of ISIS.

In this regard, I am instructing our customs and immigration agencies to identify any citizens traveling to Syria, Iraq or neighboring countries to determine whether they are potential threats to America. Additionally, I am mobilizing reserve units to take positions along our border with Mexico to halt illegal immigration that may include ISIS terrorists.

The U.S will be leading a coalition of nations intent on destroying ISIS. We will not allow terrorists to seize any new territory, and we will endeavor to drive them off of land already commandeered. In the coming days, the U.S. will intensify its bombing sorties to kill ISIS fighters. We hope our coalition partners will take a role in these direct confrontations with our common enemy, but in any case America will move forward.

For the time being, no ground forces other than a few thousand advisers will be deployed in Syria or Iraq. I totally appreciate that the majority of our citizens do not want the U.S. to become imbedded in yet another war. So, I will do everything in my power to avoid another extended conflict.

I expect local government forces and militias to fight for their countries on the ground. However, they may be unable to fulfill this mission. If this proves to be true, it may be necessary to change plans and deploy ground forces.

Further, the nature of the conflict with ISIS may also necessitate deployment of U.S. troops. In open areas, like desert expanses near cities, our bombers can effectively kill ISIS fighters. Not so in cities, where rooting our terrorists is only possible with boots on the ground in door-to-door searches.

I know I will be criticized for changing my mind about the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Frankly, ISIS grew much faster than our intelligence sources believed they would. But, ISIS is a relatively small fighting force without air power and with only limited heavy weapons. They will not be a challenge to defeat in a short period of time with our sophisticated weaponry.

Americans must understand that to kill terrorists our soldiers will be in harm’s way, especially ground forces. To reiterate, I will send our troops only as a last resort. Also, there will be collateral damage from our bombing sorties. We will attempt to avoid areas populated with non-combatants, but there will be innocent casualties without a doubt.

I know the U.S. does not want another multi-year adventure in the Middle East. I will ensure that our combat operations will be undertaken rapidly and ISIS will be defeated quickly.

Finally, any nation that supports ISIS or does not cooperate in the efforts to cut off its funding will be America’s enemies and treated as such militarily and financially.

Thank you and God bless America.

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