Bombs Away! U.S. And Sunni Arab Nations Attack Syrian Terrorists

By Sal Bommarito

The United States and five Sunni Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordon and the UAE, attacked terrorist targets in Syria. The U.S. alone launched an attack against another terrorist group called Khorasan, an Al Qaeda offshoot.

Regarding Khorasan, U.S. intelligence is confidant that the group was planning terrorist attacks against the U.S. and/or western countries possibly involving the detonation of a bomb on a commercial airliner.

An army general indicated that there were three major targets in Syria. Attacks were conducted by manned fighter jets and unmanned cruise missiles.

The general said this was only the beginning of a larger campaign. He insisted that no ground troop deployments were underway. The attacks were labeled successful, but very few details were provided pending further analysis.

In terms of the coalition, the preponderance of munitions came from U.S. warplanes and naval vessels. Nevertheless, Arab jets delivered some bombs in the attack. Some analysts are surprised that the coalition came together so rapidly and that Sunni Arab nations dropped bombs in Syria.

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