Peaceful Muslims Should Speak Out Against ISIS

By Sal Bommarito

At long last, non-military actions are being proposed to stem the ISIS juggernaut. Ironically, it is the United Nations that has entered the fray offering some strong suggestions that could go a long way towards decreasing ISIS’s strength. Frankly, it’s about time the U.N. and other influential organizations stood up against the human rights violations being perpetrated by jihadists.

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that a U.N. panel recommended the Security Council order “all countries [to] seize oil trucks coming in and out of territory controlled by [ISIS] and to impose a global moratorium on the sale of antiquities from [Iraq and Syria].”

An international organization has finally recognized and severely criticized the havoc being created by ISIS and proposed definitive actions to cut off its funding. The panel indicated that ISIS generates between $846 thousand and $1.6 million each day from black market sales of mostly oil and antiquities. The money is used to motivate fighters and buy weapons.

The panel also urged countries near Iraq and Syria to stop the influx of new fighters and place sanctions on those who recruit for ISIS.

On Wednesday, a Times story reported that a U.N. official “called on the Muslim world to denounce crimes of the extremist group that seeks to establish an Islamic state . . . calling its actions both a violation of international law and Islamic tenets.”

The official, who is a member of the Jordanian royal family and a Muslim, is the high commissioner for human rights at the U.N. He said it was “disturbing” that “few to nonexistent” public demonstrations in the Muslim world have condemned the actions of ISIS even while Arab nations have spoken against the rebels.

Bravely, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein cited Muslim clerics that ISIS has violated Shariah countless times through forced conversions to Islam, reintroduction of slavery and murder of civilians. He said Islam also “prohibited the killing of diplomats and emissaries.”

It is heartening to hear the beginnings of outrage emanating from the Muslim world. The silence of the group has caused many non-Muslims to believe that nonviolent elements in the Arab world are silently supportive of ISIS. If this is untrue, these people should speak out in protest and on social media. It would unite them with those who want peace, discourage the continuation of the ISIS jihad and decrease the recruitment of more fighters.

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