Natanyahu Ready To Present His Perspectives To Congress

By Sal Bommarito

The latest polls indicate that the majority of Americans are not satisfied with the way that President Obama is dealing with terror. The administration has been taking an empathetic approach towards radical Islamists as they conduct jihad in the Middle East and around the world. The murderous ways of the insurgents including public executions of innocent people should inspire outrage and aggressive action from the president, not proposals to correct whatever societal problems are inspiring terrorism among Muslims.

Unhappy, disenfranchised young people represent most of the ISIS fighting force. And, by the way, almost all of them are Muslims or Muslim converts. Disregarding these facts is not ingratiating the president with his fellow Americans or their allies for that matter. Admitting that Muslims represent the vast majority of troublemakers in the Middle East does not mean or imply that Islam is responsible for ISIS.

It should be noted that a minimal amount of outrage relating to ISIS’ murderous methods and public executions has emanated from the Arab community. This could mean that many Muslims are sympathetic to ISIS (which would be unfortunate and disappointing), or that Muslims are frightened to express outrage because of possible reprisals by terrorists. Recently, Jordan and Egypt have responded to atrocities affecting their countries. Hopefully, other Arab countries will follow suit before their people are assaulted.

For some reason, Obama has decided to lump together all terrorists into one pot. This methodology is faulty from a number of perspectives. The primary one is that terrorist groups have different agendas. Some are localized. Some are regional. And, some are global in reach. Each of these problematic groups needs to be dealt with differently.

So what is ISIS trying to accomplish? Over time, the goals of the insurgents have expanded. Initially, the rebels represented a localized band of thugs trying to establish a caliphate, a religious state, in Iraq and Syria.

The early ISIS threat has become more ominous over time corresponding to their evolving objectives. It’s entirely possible that the insurgents will move into surrounding countries. This has become a new possibility because the U.S. and Arab nations underestimated ISIS, its perseverance, its fund raising capabilities and its recruitment acumen. If definitive and substantive action had been taken against ISIS during its earlier days, the problem might have been mitigated to a large extent.

Sadly, our president and his Arab allies did not act with enough force against ISIS and the problem has grown exponentially. ISIS has affiliated with rebel groups that are now fighting under the auspices of ISIS in other countries. And, lone wolf organizations in western countries are planning nefarious acts. The uprising has become a global phenomenon that is very attractive to the downtrodden.

The murderous ways of ISIS should not be ignored or swept under the table. They deserve tough justice and a vicious response. Massive public executions and wanton violence need to be addressed immediately before they spread further.

Now is not the time to propose finding jobs for ISIS fighters or enrolling them into schools. They need to be exterminated before they kill other innocent people. All nations and religions must condemn ISIS and use all their facilities to stem the tide of violence. If not the cancer of ISIS will continue to spread.

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