Iowa Could Make History By Rejecting Trump

By Sal Bommarito

Donald Trump is attempting to change long-standing traditions of how Americans elect presidents. In the process of doing so, he’s using his newfound popularity to bully journalists who dare to ask him difficult questions.

After several months of listening to Trump blather about his plans to save America, I’ve run out of patience. I never took the man seriously during the past 30 years. His television show, “The Apprentice,” certainly didn’t improve my feelings about him.

His investments, especially those involving casinos, never really passed the smell test. There was always something sleazy about his tactics. He deftly used the bankruptcy courts to his advantage.

In real estate, he’s been a daring risk taker. Trump created great wealth, and tremendous financial stress along the way. I prefer not to do business with men who are anxious to bet the ranch, much less have them be my president. To his credit, he made a lot of money and has generated incredible notoriety.

His personality attributes brought Trump great accolades in recent days as he challenged, without tact and diplomacy, those who created current domestic and international problems. Every informed American knows about these issues. Yet, Trump has rammed them down our throats and verbalized feelings most Americans stifle in fear of being labeled a bigot or worse.

Once Trump perceived that he could say almost anything without damaging his burgeoning popularity, he treaded where no one has gone before. He said the U.S. should not allow Muslims from certain hot spots around the world to enter the country. He said he would bomb the sh-t out of ISIS. He said Mexico was exporting undesirables to the U.S. He called his opponents stupid and incompetent.

And now, Trump decided that voters are going to vote for him even if he shuns debates, which have been an important forum for presidential candidates to present their visions of America. He also said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters . . .” Trump thinks he has the election locked up and  has challenged a group that doesn’t back down on any encroachment of their turf- the media, and FOX specifically. Kudos to FOX for standing up against Trump, despite the financial impact of the decision to retain Kelly as a moderator.

Megyn Kelly asked Trump some pointed questions in an earlier debate that set him off. Previously, he lauded Kelly’s skills as an interviewer, but turned on her when he thought she turned on him. Nobody is allowed to criticize Donald Trump without incurring his fury, including journalists.

It’s mind-boggling that Trump may get away with yet another outrageous attack on his adversaries. Some say his boycott of the debate could improve his polling.

Why would anyone vote for such an unusual person? Why would any world leader take such a man seriously?

It should be noted that Trump’s predictions and promises have not been supported with comprehensive plans. Using ISIS as an example. Will Trump, as president, order our military to bomb ISIS strongholds even if he knows thousands of innocent citizens will be killed? This is not an issue that can be swept aside, even for the Donald.

Iowa voters have always had a great impact on presidential elections. The most important reason is that the Iowa caucuses are first. A few hundred thousand Iowans, out of three million total population, are in a position to make a great statement when they vote on February 1. I don’t live in Iowa, and I’m insulted that Trump isn’t going to participate in the debate. Iowans should use this moment to make history.




3 thoughts on “Iowa Could Make History By Rejecting Trump

  1. I’m sure you will watch the debate, and you will also watch Trump – One of these venues you will view live, and one will be taped to be seen later. Donald has made it mandatory watching.

    Why is he in the lead – Because he represents CHANGE from the norm – change is something that people don’t like but in this case American is saying – “We are as mad as hell, and we are not going to take anymore (or they just like the entertainment factor of it – TBD)!”

    Believe me, Trump will show is love for Iowa tonight at his event to raise money for the Vet’s – he and everyone in America know they deserve a lot more than they have received to date. This event will be spun every which way by the press, but Trump is all anyone is talking about – good, bad or indifferent – so as Charlie Sheen would say “Winning”!.

    And Trump in his absence will still be on the stage in spirit – I would be surprised if he is not talked about by those he is competing against – believe me he is there regardless of him not being present. And quite frankly America already knows where each of these guys/gal stands – it will just be more of the same – Trump knew this and is just making it a bit more controversial; something he excel at.

    Fox did not stand up to Trump. If they did they would not have allowed him to go on O’Riley last night; but they welcomed him with open arms, because all they are interested in is ratings. FOX is entertainment; they don’t report the news – they create it – it not news – it’s their spin/opinion of the news; period! Who needs the opinion. O’Riley, Kelly (who thinks these debates are all about her), or any AM radio host on channel 71 or 77 AM (Although Imus is still interesting) are all so full of themselves – they tell the Republican audience what they should like, feel, whatever, and their audience passively takes it all in and then regurgitates it over dinner parties as if it was their own idea. Does anyone have a clue anymore; does anyone have an original idea?

    America deserves exactly what it is getting – we should be embarrassed to think this is the best we can do. Mike Bloomberg – are you out there?

    Americas should turn off their remotes and watch neither tonight – go read a book, or a magazine, kiss you family, go for a walk, or if you have the guts, get involved with local politics so we as individuals can make a difference – but we won’t. We got politically lazy somewhere along the line. Hell millions don’t even take the time to vote. So many people today only care about themselves and will get by for as long as they can not being involved. As the bible says; “you reap what you sew!”.

    Good luck America – we are no longer what we use to be! We are no longer #1 in education; which is something we need to change quickly. You want these candidates to somehow make it better for you – try making yourself better!. Start by turning off your remote! Fat chance that will happen.

  2. Excellent points, Sal and Rob. I did like the issues Trump brought to the forefront. What I found puzzling was how he would achieve his proposals. Unless he planned to follow in Obama’s footsteps, Congress would have to authorize the actions he promised he would enact and I think that would certainly be an uphill battle for a “non-politician”. Further, even though I’d certainly like to see a strong president in office, I’d prefer he at least sound presidential. I’m not particularly fond of Trump’s street language in a presidential forum. For Trump to move forward, it’s time he starts laying out some sort of platform that rational voters can relate to. He brings up issues, but that’s pretty much where it ends. Regarding Megan Kelly, Fox should put her away in a cave somewhere. She is far too infatuated with herself to be an effective moderator. A “news person” should report the news, not attempt to make it. She had Michael Moore on her show two nights ago. She ate every bit of praise he was lavishing on her. Maybe he could use her in one of his films. I’m sure that might be on her wish list.

    As far as the Iowa caucuses are concerned, they didn’t seem to help Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum very much in ’08 and ’12, respectively. The other issue that still amazes is that Hillary Clinton seems to poll as the winner in the general election. I doubt very seriously the Justice Department will ever indict her, though she’s long overdue. The mere fact she’s allowed to campaign for the highest office in the land while being investigated for serious felony charges is mind boggling. I also find it amazing that “cousin Jeb” (isn’t his last name Bush?) is still in the race. I don’t think they print Superman comics anymore, but if they did this presidential race (and the combatants) would be characters in
    “Bizarro World”. We’re in trouble.

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