Iowa Voters Must Respond To Trump’s Latest Political Stunt

By Sal Bommarito

Many Americans expected  Donald Trump to increase the entertainment value of the presidential elections. He has not let us down.

The Donald  insulted ethnic groups and women. He used vulgar language in public speeches and attacked his opponents with embarrassing and derogatory rhetoric. Now, with a seemingly insurmountable lead, he has taken the next step. As of this moment, Trump will not participate in the Fox debate tonight because Megyn Kelly is one of the moderators. Trump had a run in with her in an earlier debate on FOX.

This bizarre decision has many Americans asking what Trump is going to do as president when a world leader says or does something that pisses him off. Is he going to have a hissy fit and blackball the leader? Is he going to threaten to invade the country because he objects to the other leader’s comments?

I suspect that presidents are subjected to many situations each day that try their patience and make them angry. Our leaders must be diplomatic and respectful to their counterparts. To not do so could isolate America from very important international events and issues.

Trump is acting a bit naive in believing that his absence from the stage in tonight’s debate will somehow increase his polling. If this stunt does have that effect, we might as well crown Trump as our king right now.

The  voters of Iowa have a responsibility to respond to Trump’s despotic attitude. They take their politics seriously in that part of  the country and expect candidates to be able to deal with angry and self-important journalists. Megyn Kelly is his nemesis and her participation has infuriated Trump. He thinks he can control the political process including the vetting of candidates by the voters. This is a dangerous precedent and Iowa voters are our first line of defense.

I think the reaction of Trump to Ms. Kelly’s role is emblematic of what we should expect if he is  elected president. The media will not back off; they have an obligation to seek the truth at all costs. If Trump incurs some bad times as president, which he will, the newspapers, TV talking heads and the blogs are going to roast him just like every other president in modern times.

Trump has convinced me that he should remain in the real estate business where he can bully people with his money and influence. World leaders aren’t gong to stand for childish and affected responses to controversial events.

America is depending on Iowa to take the first step in deterring Trump’s political aspirations.

One thought on “Iowa Voters Must Respond To Trump’s Latest Political Stunt

  1. This move on Trump’s part to not show up for Thursday’s debate is an interesting chess move. We shall have to see how it plays out. He will be holding his own fund raising event to help the Veterans which truly are in need of assistance; so at least he will be doing something that adds value. But make no mistake about this “The Donald” is snubbing the other candidates as he thinks they are all light weights and have no place on his stage; he wants to make this clear. Arrogant – Yes; Presidential – No. It will be interesting to see if the ratings of the debate without Trump will drop. If the ratings drop significantly it will add to “The Donald’s” genius as perceived by his followers.

    Mike Bloomberg – Please run for office! You can win this!

    As for Megan Kelly; personally, I don’t like her. She is a typical blond shallow 2nd rate entertainment personality; hardly a Edward R. Morrow type news reporter. She is good for one thing – that is the got-ya questions; she tends not report the news; she creates it.

    America needs better candidates and needs better reporters – Channel 2 to some degree and Public TV are the only ones that seem to present the news fairly, and they ask fair and tough questions. Consider Charlie Rose as an option. We need to find the new Huntley’s and Brinkley’s and Wallace’s; they have to be out there – find them and put them in the anchor role.

    God help America – please – we lost our way; we need to do better!

    Mike are you listening?

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