Trump Is Not Qualified To Be President

By Sal Bommarito

The viability and credibility of our political system is under attack by unconventional candidates. Of note, Donald Trump walked away with a landslide victory in New Hampshire and is now on the cusp of running the table and becoming the Republican nominee for president. It’s wishful thinking to hope that any of the remaining candidates will be a serious challenge to Trump in the forthcoming primaries.

Making the situation more problematic is that Democratic candidates are equally poor options. Most Americans don’t trust Hillary Clinton because she has been exposed in one lie after another during her entire political career. Her latest misadventures could result in an indictment by the FBI. Hillary’s campaign is in total disarray even with the assistance of husband Bill. Nevertheless, it’s likely she will ultimately win the nomination.

Her opponent, Bernie Sanders, is a self-proclaimed socialist who has competed effectively with Clinton up to this point. However, his unrealistic vision for the country would lead us into bankruptcy and obliterate our capitalist system, one that has made America the greatest economic power in the world.

If nominated, I believe Trump will run away with the general election as the electorate falls more in love with this real estate developer turn politician.

Trump is a phenom. His stance on many controversial issues is giving hope to unhappy Americans who are fed up with political correctness. For instance, voters are asking why the U.S. has been unable or unwilling to respond to the tsunami of immigrants entering our country illegally. These undocumented interlopers are draining the resources of our cities and states. Yet, a large number of liberal American lawmakers want to grant them amnesty.

Not Trump. He wants to build a large wall between Mexico and the U.S. and send back illegals to their countries of origin. The fact that families will be split and some immigrants are productive and law-abiding is irrelevant. Are you among those who have kept your feelings about illegal immigration to yourself because you feared being labeled a bigot? Trump is giving us all a chance to express our true opinions without reprisals.

What about Muslims? Are you frightened by the threat of radical Islam? Do you believe terrorists will immigrate to the U.S. and create havoc? Are you secretly in favor of suspending immigration of all Muslims from Middle East hot spots? Well, now you can say so aloud because a man who is likely to be elected president has publicly endorsed this perspective and given it legs.

Any thoughtful person understands that America must be more cautious about immigration. But, are you prepared to take it to the limit? Are you supportive of Trump’s radical proposals to disenfranchise millions of undocumented immigrants and send them packing? Remember, immigrants built our nation. Perhaps there is a kinder and more thoughtful way to reform immigration. But don’t expect Trump to be empathetic towards undocumented people.

The sorriest dilemma is the inability of our leaders to work together. Congressional stagnation and bad feelings between lawmakers and the Obama administration have greatly disrupted our country. Congress has been unable to make laws, approve budgets and conduct business in an expeditious manner.

Our government is supposed to improve our society. In the past, presidents brought together opponents and orchestrated great compromises. President Obama is not capable of doing so and has resorted to leadership by fiat, which is infuriating the legislative branch of government.

Do you honestly think Donald Trump will be a great conciliator? Is he a man of compromise? Does his temperament and background as a real estate developer give you confidence that he has the ability to find the middle ground? At this time, it appears that at least one-third of Republicans believe he can.

Consider the craziness around the world. Iran is eventually going to develop a nuclear bomb. North Korea already has a nuclear capability. India and Pakistan are threatening each other with nuclear weapons. Former Soviet states have nuclear material that may fall into the hands of terrorists. Russia is trying to reclaim its former glory and is attacking sovereign nations. Africa is a hotbed of increasing terrorism, genocide and disease. The list goes on and on. What credentials does Trump have to deal with these issues? Has anybody ever asked him to explain the difference between Sunnis and Shiites? Maybe someone should in the next debate.

Trump is a man who has always oversold himself, and now he’s buffaloing Americans. Donald Trump will surely find it very difficult to deal with Putin, Netanyahu, Assad, Kim Jong-un, the ayatollahs in Iran and el-Sisi, especially if he negotiates with them like he has with fellow real estate magnates.

Americans should think twice about giving the White House to Trump.

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