The Hillary Versus Donald Circus Is About To Begin

By Sal Bommarito

Today, I read the first substantive news article relating to the inevitable confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates are far ahead of their primary opponents, so the fur should start to fly very soon as they take aim at each other.

I admit upfront that I’m not a fan of either candidate. My previous opinion pieces about Trump and Clinton have been critical . Frankly, I’m horrified that the next president will be one of them.

The article I referred to earlier was published in the New York Times. It’s mostly about how Hillary’s henchmen will attack Trump. It covers the same territory that Trump’s primary opponents have already visited. The guy is not politically correct. He’s unafraid to speak his mind on any topic, which sometimes is labeled as bigoted, misogynistic or xenophobic. Trump is unsophisticated and vulgar. Blah, blah, blah.

What the Clinton team needs to remember is that Trump’s promise to build a wall to keep out undesirables from the south, assurances that he will not allow Muslims to immigrate to or visit the U.S. and his gruff and aggressive comments towards certain women all seemed to increase his popularity.

Does this mean that many Americans are in favor of his platform? Apparently so. Saying that Trump intends to erect walls (as opposed to building bridges) will have a limited impact on his standing among the voters. And, Trump’s aggressive responses towards anyone including the fairer sex have not hurt him politically.

What really turns me on is the potential for a knockdown, drag out brawl between the Trump and Clinton camps. As an aside, I’m generally not for dirty tricks and political chicanery, but we’re talking about two people who have repeatedly proven that they are ruthless and willing to do anything to get their way. The skeletons in both closets are so significant that maybe Americans might ultimately refuse to vote for either candidate.  Doubtful. Both contenders have a treasure trove of dirt from their past that will be exposed time and again in speeches and TV ads.

Let’s turn the table for a moment. I want to be sure that I give Hillary her due. Although most believe that the Obama administration will ultimately quash the numerous investigations of Clinton’s emails, her foundation, her assistants, etc., I am not so sure. The Justice Department will be unable to sweep all of Hillary’s transgressions under the rug. Too much has already been made public. Ambitious journalists looking to score a Pulitzer are going to dig deep. I think Clinton may ultimately be indicted. In fact, the only way she will be able to avoid prosecution is to win the presidency. If Trump wins, you can be sure his Justice Department will go after her.

How would an indictment affect the general election? Are the supporters of Clinton going to turn a blind eye and vote for her to be president? There must be some amount of bad behavior that disqualifies a Clinton from holding office. Bill’s affairs and perjury while he was president weren’t enough to run him out of office. Maybe an indictment will stop Hillary from moving into the White House.

And while we’re on the subject of Bill Clinton, let’s discuss his demeanor and personal issues. When the Clinton campaign starts to rip Trump apart for making too much money and for questionable business practices, the Donald is going to exhume all the dead bodies in Bill’s past. He’s going to tell us that Hillary and Bill are a team, and she was his co-conspirator in all the shady things Bill did and continues to do today. And, will Bill stay on point and cooperate with the Hillary campaign gurus, or will he freewheel? The odds makers are saying he’s going to go off the grid.

Oh, it’s going to be wild. No stone will remain unturned. The media and the blogs will have a field day when Donald and Hillary start going after each other.

It makes you wonder whether all the entertainment will be worth it. Would our political system and country be better served without either of these candidates? We should be spending at least a few moments discussing what our plans are for the economy, national security, ISIS and health care.

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