The Last Chance To Stop Trump

By Sal Bommarito

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming quite distressed about the presidential campaign. It’s hard to believe that the current pacesetters have such poor character and are so divisive.

Today, the topic is once again Donald Trump’s unimaginable march towards the White House. We’ve been listening to the man make promises he won’t be able to keep for many months, and the press have yet to call him on it. He continues to blather about issues he knows nothing about like tax reform and Social Security. And, he denigrates Muslims, Mexicans, women and all establishment politicians. None of his rhetoric is good for the country.

Every day, I scratch my head in amazement thinking about him representing America in conversations with world leaders. Does he know how to be polite with people who disagree with him? Or will he call them losers and stupid.

Take Mexico. Only two countries border the U.S., and Trump has already managed to piss off one of them. The current and former presidents of Mexico have indicated there is no way Mexico will pay for his wall.

Wake up America. The man is unqualified intellectually and emotionally to be president. Trump has an uncanny ability to stir up the most negative and xenophobic fervor in America. These kind of people are turning up regularly at his pep rallies.

Trump brings out the worst in some of us. He hasn’t even won the nomination and had to cancel a speech in Chicago. It was deemed to be too dangerous. Crazy Trump supporters and outraged protesters looking for trouble made the assembly explosive. What’s going to happen when Trump’s groupies clash with Hillary’s followers? Sensitivities and tension should be high.

A violent and uninformed man is threatening our nation and our way of life. Many are standing by and allowing it to happen. A vote for Trump is not a vote for prosperity and peace. He will drive us all bonkers with inane and ill-conceived proposals that will supposedly make America great again. But, this won’t happen. America will be the laughing stock of the international community with Trump at the helm.

I dread the day that President Trump addresses the General Assembly at the United Nations for the first time. President Obama has already angered the rest of the world with his indecisiveness and arrogance. Just imagine the response to a Trump speech on any topic.

America is at a crossroads. Trump must not win in Florida or Ohio, if he is to be stopped at all. America is depending on Rubio and Kasich to be victorious in their home states. Currently, Rubio is behind by single digits and Kasich is leading in his state. Good luck fellows!


One thought on “The Last Chance To Stop Trump

  1. You’re absolutely correct, Sal. I’d like the U.S. to change course from the disaster that is the Obama administration. However, all this nonsense about being a conservative or a liberal is exactly that. Nonsense. We live in America and at one time it was honorable and worthwhile to consider oneself an American. However, the divide in this country seems to be even greater than the late 60’s at this point. Obama has turned blacks against whites in a big way. We should all treat each other fairly and equally (doesn’t always work out that way, but we still try). Why can’t the current president convey this message effectively instead of spreading dissent? Well, if Trump is elected we’ll only get more of the same. Perhaps worse since he can’t even speak in an educated fashion (though, as a Wharton School graduate he certainly should be able to at least make the effort). Electing a socialist/communist isn’t the answer, either. Whoever gets elected (on either side) has to work for America and not a cause. Otherwise we’re going to resemble Russia in 1917.

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