Trump, Who’s Responsible For His Evolution?

By Sal Bommarito

The most interesting question floating around the media is, who’s responsible for the evolution of Donald Trump?

The revulsion to Trump‘s ideas, tactics, demeanor and belligerence by the press, many politicians from both sides of the aisle, 100% of liberals and more than 50% of Republicans is stunning. Yet, he continues to rack up more delegates each week in the primaries. It makes one wonder how this guy is going to win the election with such poor approval ratings.

Probably the greatest issue that helps Trump is the continuing paralysis of government. For most of Obama’s tenure, the two parties have been fighting tooth and nail. The result has been a government that has been unable to deal with domestic problems. Immigration, defense, health care, income inequality and so many more issues have not been addressed. In the meantime, crazy religious fanatics are threatening us on our own soil.

Along comes Trump to save the day. He’s a can-do kind of businessman. He does deals and builds skyscrapers and golf courses. He even starred in a reality TV program that showcased his ability to operate at a conference table while everyone fawns over him.

Trump screams that all politicians, including the establishment of his own party, are incompetent and generally stupid. By consistently asserting that those who govern us need to be replaced with a real man , he’s caught the loving attention of about 40% (my number) of Republicans and won a lot of primaries.

If you think about who was originally competing in the aforementioned primaries, you will note that every well-known candidate who was deemed part of the establishment, except for John Kasich, was ousted. Jeb Bush was the hands down favorite when all this insanity began a year ago. He was one of the first tossed out on his ear because he represented the past (and was too sleepy to compete with Trump on stage).

Now, political correctness and comity have been discarded. The worst of both conservatives and liberals is preparing for hand-to-hand combat at rallies, primaries and the Republican convention. Mudslinging, denigrating insults and false accusations are winning the day.

Donald Trump is making hay because both political parties lost their way. Liberals want more leniency for illegal aliens and more money for welfare. Conservatives alienate most minorities, people of color and women. Both parties created a toxic atmosphere that has made it impossible for our government to do business.

The president, from day one of his tenure, denigrated the opposition, lost his majorities in Congress, led from behind in the Middle East and spectacularly did nothing to improve America.

Why is Donald Trump doing so well? It’s because all the current politicians have done such a lousy job for at least the last eight years.

One thought on “Trump, Who’s Responsible For His Evolution?

  1. I’m only commenting, Sal, because I agree with everything you said and it was directly to the point. We, as a country, are in trouble. There is absolutely no civility in government and it didn’t suddenly begin with Trump. Congress has been totally ineffective for far too long and that also didn’t begin with Trump. Harry Reid is, and was, an abomination and a disgrace to this country. When Hillary Clinton was a Senator in New York she was basically a.w.o.l., yet, for some reason this person who should be calling Leavenworth her home right now is allowed to run for the highest office in the land. Voters elected a Republican majority, but the circus continued none the less. Not everyone was in love with Bill Clinton, though, if they wore a skirt they were fair game for him. He turned the office of the President of the U.S. into a disgrace and he behaved in kind. George W. Bush didn’t help matters much. His administration wasn’t exactly scandal-free, either. And, I believe we have G.W. Bush to thank for the present guy occupying the White House. A guy like Trump was bound to happen because we’ve been going downhill for far too long. Trump’s rhetoric scares me, but both Clinton and Sanders aren’t exactly giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about where this country is headed. It would be wonderful if Trump would tone down his comments, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the organized, paid protesters would proliferate just the same. This may be fun for the cable news shows, but it’s an emotional roller coaster ride for anyone who is praying and hoping (not Hope and Change………that was a farce) for a functional government. These candidates, regardless if they’re Republicans or Democrats, act as if this is all a game. Well, it may well be, but it’s a game that isn’t much fun to watch. In fact, it’s getting pretty scary.

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