Polls Show Neither Presidental Candidate Is Fit To Serve

By Sal Bommarito

Every day, the presidential campaign gets a bit crazier. The choices available to the voters during this cycle include a boisterous, rude self-promoter, a pathological liar and a self-proclaimed socialist. What is a voter to do on Election Day?

It’s mind-boggling that these three people are the best that our political system has to offer. The Republican and Democrat establishments need to be revamped and staffed with recruiters that have some sense about what kind of person is qualified to hold office, especially the Oval Office.

A New York Times article on May 20th clearly delineates the predicament voters find themselves in. It can’t be any more obvious that the two main candidates are not qualified if favorability, values, leadership, trustworthiness and temperament are important person traits for the next leader of the free world.

Here is a summary of the Times poll for Trump and Clinton (Sanders no longer can win the Democrat primary):


Character Traits      Trump                Clinton


Favorability               26%                   31%

Values                          31%                   37%

Leadership                  55%                   54%

Trustworthiness       31%                   21%

Temperament           27%                   48%


Why are we settling for a future president who doesn’t have the right stuff to be our next leader? I’ve heard about all the anger brewing among the electorate. Some people are so pissed off that they are threatening violence. Can you imagine that? The greatest country in the world isn’t capable of a transition of power without disorder.

As I read about the most radical elements in each party expressing disenfranchisement, I scratch my head. Every person, rich or poor, in this country gets one vote. It makes no difference how much money a voter contributes to a candidate. The one person, one vote rule doesn’t change.

The contentious primaries are reminiscent of darker days. Revolutions in America, France, Russia and China along with the rise of fascism in Germany come to mind and are noteworthy. In those political struggles millions of people died because citizens wanted a different type of government. The ones that ultimately settled on a democracy at the time have had the most success by any measure.

What disturbs me the most is that the leaders of each party are the ones inciting violence. Ignorant and inexperienced rebel rousers believe that hand-to-hand combat and a hostile attitude will somehow create a better government. To them, marching, disrupting and attacking opponents is “cool.” The last time this type of protest was cool, and justified, was when the U.S. was fighting an immoral war in Vietnam and African Americans demanded liberty. Now, we have Occupy This and Occupy That, anarchists that disparage our legal and political system and our way of life.

Before one complains about how tough life is in America, he or she should consider what it’s like to be in Africa, or at refugee camp in the Middle East. We have a great thing happening here in America. Why tear it down?

Back to the election. I guarantee that violence would not be prevalent today if we had credible candidates. Our political system needs to do a better job vetting candidates at all levels of government.

I’m afraid that the general election is going to be an embarrassment fraught with name-calling and lies, and the ultimate victor may seriously damage our country’s reputation for decades.

Good luck picking a candidate on Election Day.

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