Donald Trump For President

By Sal Bommarito

Those of you who have read Softball Politics over the past year know that I’ve been very critical of the two principal presidential candidates. To be clear I’m ashamed that America will nominate such undeserving people.

Nevertheless either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president. For some time I thought it best to vote for a third party candidate in protest. But in recent days I decided to go with Trump. Trust me, it’s difficult to admit to my readers and friends that I will side with this man. My rationale for doing so is anything but conventional. In fact it’s downright unorthodox and based upon two overriding perspectives.

Before digging into my reasoning, it’s important to reiterate that a huge number of people have reservations about both candidates, including many members of their own party. Their unfavorable ratings are among the worst in history for a presidential candidate. I’m still perplexed why our nominating process didn’t respond to this negativity and come up with candidates who are indisputably truthful, respected and statesmanlike.

The most important phenomenon is that many Americans have given up on the political establishment. Times are difficult economically, the political parties are constantly at each other’s throats, the legislative process is at a standstill, terror threats are more menacing than ever, race relations have deteriorated and the reputation of our country has been devastated by the warped ideology of the current president.

Those that feel strongly that this is the case are now in Trump’s camp. Many are white and don’t have college degrees. Very few are affluent. Some are attracted to Trump’s xenophobia. Others just want a candidate who isn’t from the political establishment.

As far as Clinton is concerned, I’m staggered by any support she receives from liberals. A self-proclaimed socialist gave her run for her money in the primaries, so many liberals won’t vote for her. Hillary has continued the Clinton propensity to stretch the truth (an understatement) to whatever is politically expedient.

The slack given to Hillary by the press and the liberal establishment was evident in FBI Director James Comey’s indictment (not in the legal sense, unfortunately) of her behavior relating to emails. It was clear that the law was broken, but there would be no indictment (in the legal sense). Ask Retired Gen. David Petraeus if he believes his treatment under the law for related indiscretions was the same as Clinton’s.

Back to Trump. I’m going to vote for Trump because I cannot deal with the thought of another Clinton White House. I cannot stomach the corrupt way that the Clintons lead (remember, they used White House bedrooms for political purposes). I resent their proclaimed destiny to build a political dynasty.

Bill’s tenure was a huge challenge for America, yet the country gave him a pass. I’m not prepared to ignore all the scandalous behavior of Hillary over the years and pull her lever on Election Day.

I’ve concluded that men and women who are ill suited to lead the U.S. can do so with a great cabinet and experienced advisors. Donald Trump isn’t going to map out a comprehensive plan to make peace between Israel and Palestine. He’s not going to write a thesis that outlines an economic strategy to make America great. His assistants will do it for him. He will just make speeches to deliver his administration’s policies developed by others.

As for the plethora of stupid suggestions that we all expect from Trump, Congress, his cabinet, his advisors and hopefully his family will be close by to insure that the Donald doesn’t get too far off track.

Many may disagree with me, but I believe Ronald Reagan wasn’t a great choice to be president. Like Trump he was a great communicator. But he put together a world-class cabinet that made him a great president. The same could happen with Trump.

I’m not minimizing the risks associated with Trump’s temperament or impetuous personality. Him saying inane things is a big risk. He may even insult one or two world leaders along the way. But with experienced people to guide him, it could work.

So there you have it. I hope I don’t lose too many friends because of my change of heart.

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  1. You won’t lose a friend but your reasoning is flawed as to date he has not shown any willingness to lister to anyone but himself much less another republican.

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