America Should Take A Political Mulligan

Our nation is on the verge of a major political crisis. A perfect storm is underway. Every day the pundits are telling us that, indeed, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are despised by huge numbers of Americans. The presidential election has become a contest to elect the least horrible person to assume the most important position in the world.

Consider that the next president will appoint a new Supreme Court justice who will likely have the controlling vote for some of the most important issues facing our nation. They include abortion, gun control, a wide array of state versus federal issues and so much more.

The next president will be responsible for establishing policies to deal with the continuing danger of ISIS, the deconstruction of the European Union and growing threats from Russia, Iran and North Korea.

The next president will direct the U.S. economy as it attempts to steer the global economic community away from another recession.

Most importantly the next president will have to rein in congressional animosity. We should not elect a president that will perpetuate even greater obstructionism and inaction by our lawmakers.

Do you really want Trump or Clinton to lead America during these important times? Both have proven without a doubt that they do not have the ability or the political IQ to handle the job. Frankly Americans don’t like either of them; the polls clearly indicate this is the case. Why shouldn’t the U.S. have two exceptional and accomplished people vying for the presidency representing each party?

Some golfers take another shot after they hit a poor one. The rules of golf do not allow such an action and so golf purists cringe when duffers take a “mulligan.” Similarly political purists refuse to admit that the two candidates are both losers who will be disastrous presidents.

Consider that Trump has proven to us time and again that he doesn’t have the character, experience or temperament to be the leader of the free world.

Clinton is a liar and surely guilty of crimes relating to the email scandal. The Justice Department should indict her even if it causes a political crisis. Scandal follows the Clintons everywhere they go. They cannot seem to avoid making political and personal choices that make the vast majority of Americans cringe with disgust. The thought of them in the White House for another four years is depressing at best.

There is still a chance that the candidates will crash and burn before the election. Trump is going to be trounced in November; the writing is on the wall. He doesn’t even have a nationwide political operation to help him compete in the general election. Rather he relies on Twitter and raucous rallies to sell himself. Plus the Republican establishment and most educated people in his own party abhor the man.

Clinton should be indicted as mentioned preciously for her missteps relating to her emails and the ensuing cover-up. Her performance as Secretary of State has been criticized far and wide. She was an accomplice of President Obama as he did everything possible to tear America apart, make the world hate the U.S. and enable terrorist to flourish.

Maybe I’m dreaming, but I still hope both parties break the rules and take a political mulligan. America deserves better presidential candidates from both parties.

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