A Universal Basic Income

Published in the New York Times on June 8, 2016

To the Editor:

Re “Plan to End Poverty Is Wide of the Target,” by Eduardo Porter (Economic Scene column, June 1): The proposals in this article to end poverty improve as one reads further. It is ridiculous to think that the federal government could or would subsidize every American with several thousand dollars a year, a so-called universal basic income.

But a program that provides support with a commitment to work is a great idea. Simultaneously, welfare (with no work commitment) could be provided only for those who are impaired.

The government should be responsible for providing jobs and training to all Americans, not free money without any strings attached.

If this program were crafted and enacted by Congress, I would gladly pay more taxes. In the long run, it will decrease government entitlements and put many more people in the work force.


New York

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