Hillary Clinton, Her Lies Are Changing The Tide Of The Election

By Sal Bommarito

The tolerance of Democratic voters astounds me. Yet again Hillary Clinton intrigue and deviousness have dominated the airwaves and the newspapers. She lies about everything. She used only one email device as she created a national security crisis (actually there were many devices), she didn’t feel well and fainted (actually her campaign finally admitted it was pneumonia after offering five other reasons why she could not stand on her own). The list of deceptions, even for seemingly inconsequential things, grows every day.

What’s it going to be like if she is elected president? Will it be necessary for the press to ask her what is transpiring in the world five times before she gives an accurate account? How can anyone support such a secretive person to be president?

Democrats boast that their party is kinder and more tolerant. In the meantime Hillary Clinton called all those who support Trump deplorable. Imagine a presidential candidate calling out somewhere between 40 and 50% of voters. Will Clinton serve all Americans or just the ones that agree with her policies and warped worldview? Will she ignore the intolerable Republicans, Independents and Libertarians?

Clinton and her minions have been extraordinarily evasive about her physical condition. In fairly temperate conditions the candidate fainted and had to be physically assisted into her SUV. This incident coupled with some tripping episodes, coughing fits, a concussion, nagging allergies, etc. has made the public anxious. Correctly so, the press has repeatedly asked for her medical records to insure that she’s fit to serve as leader of the free world.

Because these inquiries are perfectly legitimate, the Clinton campaign’s oblique responses are creating more questions and suspicions. Mrs. Clinton is approaching her 70th year. It’s not unreasonable for one to experience medical issues at this time in their life, and most wouldn’t disqualify her to serve.

Unfortunately Clinton’s actions to keep the public in the dark are not new. Going all the way back to the Whitewater scandal and her husband’s dalliances with a White House intern, the Clintons have chucked, jived and lied to the public. Information disappears, documents are destroyed and computers hammered. The press feels a need to protect the Clintons at the same time as their henchmen bamboozle them. The media’s role in the endless subterfuges is disgraceful.

The rush to elect a female president is clouding the judgment of too many Americans. Clinton is going to give us four more years of failed Obama policies. Why do you thing the president is so supportive of her candidacy? The evidence is clear. Obama dislikes the Clintons immensely. But she’s going to prop up his pitiful legacy that includes costly and ineffective medical reform, disastrous foreign policy initiatives in the Middle East and with Russia and China, a tepid reaction to growing terrorism and a growth in entitlements that will threaten our anemic economic recovery.

Along the way Clinton’s assistants will do everything in their power to convince us that cow pods are chocolate chip cookies.

It’s time to change the tide. Even with all his faults, Trump is a better alternative than Clinton. At least he won’t lie to the American public on a daily basis.




One thought on “Hillary Clinton, Her Lies Are Changing The Tide Of The Election

  1. Sal,

    Everybody Lies – Clinton more than most perhaps, but don’t think for a moment that Trump will not do the same; however I think he is smart enough to simply not answer a direct question that he knows he would have to lie about. I see him acting more like Jack Nickelson’s role in Somethings Got to Give when he says to Diane Keaton – “I always tell some version of the truth.”

    The Press – we hardly have one that simply reports the news – it’s all about sides – CNN disgusts me, we need a neutral press that simply tells what’s happening as accurately as possible – but no – we don’t have this for the most part – it’s all slanted to the views and sides the writer is on – and Forget Fox, MSNBC and CNN – if this is where you are getting your news from; good-luck!

    This entire election process makes me want to puke. I am so tired of the bullshit. If Trump simply stayed on issue and worked hard looking for answers and then reporting his strategy – he would win this thing – but he continues to waist is time attacking Clinton a person that close to half the people of the United States simply cannot tolerate and knows this stuff about her – she is bad news, we all know this, but Trump is not doing a good job at distinguishing himself and he is running out of time.

    You may be a very unhappy person come November if he can’t close the deal because America does not see him acting like the leader of this free world. He better nail the debates and act presidential; he has to improve dramatically and turn this around – I’m amazed that he is not ahead in the polls, it’s because of his own stupidity that he is not, and we don’t need a stupid President; it’s all about the presentation – he could learn a trick or two from the man you have come to hate with regard to presentation – Obama is the best at that.

    I get your desire to vote for the lesser of two evils – but we should be ashamed of ourselves that these are the choices. America deserve this because of our own apathy of not getting involved – you excluded.

    I like what you’re doing – getting your word out, spilling your guts on issues – you’re OK kid; keep up the good work, even though we don’t see eye to eye on some issues, I admire your efforts.


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