Just when Hillary Clinton thought she had the election in the bag, James Comey, the FBI head, sends a letter to Congress indicating that he must reopen Hillary’s infamous email scandal. It’s the one he closed prematurely a few months ago, just to refresh your memory.

We don’t know any details yet, but apparently, Huma Abedin, Clinton’s long-time assistant, and Anthony Weiner, her estranged husband, have been implicated in the brouhaha. In case you’ve been living in a cave, Weiner is the shamed former congressman who has a propensity to expose himself on social media. The FBI is investigating him for doing so with an underage girl.

The only thing revealed to this point is that the FBI is studying Huma and Anthony’s electronic devices. We can only speculate that top-secret information showed up on emails that were accessible by Weiner, a very serious national security violation. The FBI has implied that candidate Clinton is linked to the situation.

The most interesting aspect of this new development is that it occurred only a few days before the impending presidential election. The FBI is supposed to be non-political, and historically it has avoided controversial decisions near election times.

Therefore one can only conclude that either this FBI is partisan, or the evidence is overwhelming that a crime has been committed. Given that the FBI honcho punted earlier this year relating to email missteps by Clinton and the national security ramifications of such actions, he must have felt compelled to be transparent now, lest he be further branded as a Clinton supporter, at best, or incompetent, at worst.

The policy to suppress investigations before an election really makes no sense. If a crime has been committed, it should be investigated. It’s that much more important to determine wrongdoing before a person is elected to public office.

This election is getting weirder by the minute. Every day, the candidates are proving to the electorate they are unfit for any office, much less the presidency. Now we have a monstrous political and constitutional sh**storm brewing at our doorstep.

What the hell is going to happen if Clinton is tainted or indicted a day or two before the polls open? Keep in mind that voters have already voted in many places across the country. Are we really going to allow this woman to move into the Oval Office with a felony indictment hanging over her head?

Hillary’s corruption over the years is the reason for her current dilemma. It appears that she may not be above the law [even thought she thinks she is. How much bad, illegal, unethical, arrogant and inappropriate behavior are we going to ignore? It’s time to put the Clinton juggernaut to rest. Self-aggrandizement and wealth creation are at the core of the family’s long-term objectives.

What’s even scarier is that Donald Trump may walk into the White House because of the new developments. Talk about the lesser of two evils. I wish America could have a mulligan on this election. I’m sure there are some honest, transparent, statesman-like individuals who would be fine presidents that we could elect.

The nightmare is almost over, at least the electoral part. What’s going to happen when either of these comprised candidates takes office? Are they going to continue to say and do things that are harmful to our nation? Are they going to line their own pockets? Are they going to lie? Anything is possible with these two characters.

Who do you like for president now?


  1. Sal, we’re either going to elect an unmitigated crook who will seek power at any cost, or we elect an individual who is pompous and arrogant. This woman with a very sketchy background, has actually no credit to her name except she was married to a president, became a carpetbagger who established no accomplishments during her time in office and then became Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, this woman burned up the Middle East, while simultaneously lining her pockets. Would she make a good President of the United States? I don’t know about the U.S., but I believe she’d do quite well down in Venezuela. On the other hand, we have an arrogant, pompous individual who is a businessman. He has committed indiscretions. Yes, he has. However, this arrogant individual was not leading the country during this period. It doesn’t make him a saint, it only makes him a pompous individual. You’re going to tell me that’s a crime? Well, how about lying to Congress? How about destroying subpoenaed documents and traceable material. All crimes committed by the woman who so many think is the second coming of Che Guevera. Richard Nixon was pompous and arrogant. He was also very insecure. He was involved in Watergate and suffered for it, being forced to resign his Office. What’s going on with this woman is much worse than Watergate. She’s selling OUR country down the river. She and her party don’t care what’s good for this country or the people paying to keep her in pant suits that look like modified tents. They are narcissists of the highest order. They have corrupted the State Department, the Judicial Office, the F.B.I. and, perhaps, the White House. To continue down the road this woman would put us on would lead us to become a banana republic (of which we’re already on our way). This is not the best choice of candidates, to be sure. However, of the two, I’d prefer to be led by a pompous, arrogant guy who has created jobs and built a successful business, rather than a person who has lived off taxpayer money most of her life and has lied, cheated and probably worse to become wealthy. Servants of the people (politicians) should not enter politics to become wealthy. They’ve all become guilty of this, but she has perfected it to a science. She doesn’t have a clue how to get this country out of the mess we’ve been in since G.W. Bush. As long as she and the Foundation are pulling in loads of cash, the failed Obama policies are just fine and dandy for her to continue. Obama said, “if you like your doctor, you can keep him.” We know what happened with that disaster. This woman implies, “if you like your country you can keep it.” Well, under this woman’s non-leadership, the country will end up the same way as Obamacare. I think I’ll take the pompous, arrogant guy.

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