What Must Donald Trump Do To Be A Successful President?

Donald Trump shocked America and the world by soundly defeating Hillary Clinton. The man with a 60% disapproval rating crushed his detractors and denied the woman who would be the first ever to lead the U.S.

Trump’s ability to govern effectively is dependent upon several things moving forward.

He must recognize that large swaths of people, including women, minorities and young people are not convinced that he has the intellectual capacity or the temperament to be president. To bring the country together, Trump needs to make peace with these groups, in particular. He must bury forever his misogynistic attitude. He must demand that the federal government heed the cries of the African American community and all those in need. And, he must give millennials hope as they assume more responsibility in the coming years.

Trump must recognize his greatest shortcomings- he is not an experienced politician, nor is he a statesman. In these regards Trump must select an all-star group for his cabinet along with highly qualified advisors that will educate him and guide him as he tries to make our country great. This is exactly what Ronald Reagan did in 1980. It was a winning formula. Frankly Trump must delineate his vision of America and empower his underlings to make it happen.

Trump must not be a sore winner or assume that he is omnipotent. He will not, even with control of Congress, be able to issue edits without great consideration and engagement of others. The new president needs to mend fences and surprise his political detractors by offering to engage them in the process of improving the country.

In his own party Trump will face many obstacles. They will come from two directions, the spurned establishment and the upstart Tea Party. Bringing these two constituencies together will be a monumental task.

Diplomatically Trump must not give in to the temptation to isolate America. He must engage other nations to fight along side the U.S. and defeat terrorism. Most importantly Trump will need to develop a plan that ends with the ultimate demise of ISIS and other forms of radical religious-based intimidation around the world.

Trump must show the world that he has the temperament to manage the country. He was not elected dictator so he must be able to convince others to do his bidding, not order them to do so. The man has graduated from CEO of Trump Inc. to CEO of the most powerful nation in the world.

The events of the past 24 hours are the beginning of an “American Spring,” our version of the Arab Spring. However our spring must be peaceful and engage every person in the country. Trump must prove that the U.S. is strong and compassionate domestically and globally. The use of force should be only a last resort.

The reputation of our federal government within its borders is tainted as it is outside of them. Trump must change these perspectives and prove the U.S. is a  government that cares for its own and is a dependable ally for other nations. He must repudiate the many missteps of his predecessor of the past eight years.

I did not vote for Trump (or Clinton) and have the same fears that many Americans have expressed over the past 18 months about the man. It is inconceivable that any one, including Trump, can be ordained by the greatest nation in the world in such a dramatic fashion and not be moved to strive for greatness. But Trump needs help from his advisors, and he needs the support of the American people. I’m prepared to stand by him as he finishes his great odyssey.

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