How Will Voters Decide Between Two Terrible Choices?

How do voters make decisions? Pollsters have debated this question for decades. Every election has several issues that influence voters. Generally they will select a candidate that best relates to their personal biases, needs and philosophies. But usually one issue will dominate their decision-making process.

If a voter is in favor of gun rights and a member of the NRA he will probably vote Republican all other things being equal. If a voter is a strong supporter of a woman’s right to choose, the Democratic Party will likely be the choice.

In this complicated world the number of issues that candidates may address are diverse. At any moment he presidential candidates may discuss the economy, race relations, national security, income inequality, abortion rights, gun control, education, law and order and a slew of other concerns, when they are not slinging mud at each other.

What makes the 2016 election special is that many voters have strong personal feelings towards the contestants going far beyond their stance on important issues. Never before have voters indicated so often that they feel that one or both of the candidates are ignorant, liars, cheaters, crooked, despicable and much more.

For instance Donald Trump has said things repeatedly about immigration and women  that turn off a large percentage of Hispanic and female voters.

Hillary Clinton has a long history of corruption and entitlement that has become more evident with each passing day. She and her husband believe they are above the law. And, judging by the way the press and law enforcement treat them, it appears to be true. Any other person who handled classified information the way that Clinton has would have been indicted long ago.

Voters are opting for the candidate they hate the least. This is incredible, especially if you consider that both presidential aspirants have unfavorable ratings of about 55%. Is it really so that more than half of Americans don’t like either of the major presidential candidates? Why the hell are these two people our only serious choices this coming Tuesday?

It was startling that, in desperation, Clinton has recruited celebrities to drag her pathetic campaign over the finish line. Would anyone really be influenced politically by Beyonce, Jay Z or Chance the Rapper? What do they know about ISIS, Kim Jong-il or Obamacare? Someone should ask them. Sounds like a job for TMZ.

America is in for a disastrous four years regardless of who wins. Trump would is a wild card, and a Clinton administration will give us another four more year of Obama, much to the chagrin of many.

It was just announced that the FBI is not going to pursue Clinton’s scandalous email behavior. Nothing surprising here. FBI Director Comey should start packing up his office now. The way he handled the affair has been abominable. Most people expected this decision to come after the election, but he delivered it two days before the polls open. Skeptics are asking how his subordinates could have done an adequate job reviewing thousands of emails in a couple of days. Maybe he was under intense pressure from his superiors. Wink, wink.

Now we wait to see whether Clinton wins the election, and whether the Clinton Foundation pay to play policy results in an indictment. There doesn’t seem to be any end to Clinton’s illegal and unethical activities. In due course a second Clinton may be impeached if the FBI uncovers crimes at her foundation.

This will be my last post before the election unless I change my mind. You never know, the FBI could announce another investigation of Clinton on Monday. In any case, vote or don’t complain about the person who is elected president. I will vote, and I will continue to complain.

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