The last several days have brought voters a treasure trove of inappropriate behavior by Hillary Clinton, her family and her minions.

Her illegal use of a personal server, her denials of such activity (initially), the disclosure of thousands of even more emails not provided to authorities, the possible existence of classified emails on Huma Abedin’s personal computers (and access to them by her estranged husband who is accused to sending lewd messages to a minor) and the black cloud that hangs over the Clinton Foundation are making it difficult for voters to hold their noses and cast a vote for Clinton.

Clinton hasn’t even been elected yet and the accusations of corruption are flowing in unabated. What kind of presidency will she bring us? We’re going to spend the next four years pursuing all of her family’s misdeeds, unethical political power plays and outright defiance of the law. Using their positions in government has brought great financial rewards to the Clintons. Unfortunately most of their gambits are questionable from many perspectives.

A large number of Americans dread the fact that the newspapers and airwaves will be overflowing with continuing new and old scandals and deceit involving the Clintons and their disciples. Why are any voters anxious to take another bite of the Clinton’s poisoned apple?

There are many unfinished items on the “get Hillary list.” They include her actions before and after the Banghazi episode where the former Secretary of State negligently failed to protect brave Americans at the Libyan embassy and lied about the reasons for the attack, the Clinton Email Scandal (Part II) that FBI Director Comey dropped on our heads last week, Clinton’s questionable support of Obamacare as it continues to collapse before our very eyes, Clinton’s pay to play tactics at her foundation and so much more. Talk about baggage!

We all know why Clinton still has an opportunity to win despite all of her political and legal warts. It’s not because she’s a charming, great political mind or a successful statesperson. It’s because her opponent is a disaster waiting to happen. During the campaign the candidates have competed to be the most disliked by the electorate.

Trump has the worst reputation with women who represent about half of the voters in the country, by the way. He’s arrogant, not well informed and not a very good communicator. His business career, which he regularly flaunts is fraught with accusations of tax violations, bankruptcies, and never ending litigation. Trump’s temperament should automatically disqualify him from holding office and representing the U.S. In fact he’s never represented our country because he was too busy building the balance in his checking account.

Many Americans are totally depressed that these two candidates are the only options next week. The only cogent reason to vote for either one of them is to keep the other out of the White House.


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