Trump Should Not Be A Sore Winner

When Donald Trump won the election several days ago he was gracious, statesman-like and somewhat humble, unlike every second of his campaign. As he delivered his acceptance speech in the wee hours of the morning, the financial markets soared because of his outstanding, scripted speech. Skeptical supporters were heartened by his diversion from a life-long ego trip.

It didn’t’ last very long. Before we even had a chance to wallow in greater expectations for the new president, “the great communicator” started acting like a megalomaniac again.

Trump needs to focus exclusively on the promises he made during the campaign and lose his attitude. If he doesn’t hire the best people to help him end Obamacare, kill ISIS, create jobs, improve the economy, stop illegal immigration, end the suffering in the ghettos, build new infrastructure and nullify the idiotic Iran nuke deal, America will respond in the most violent way against him and his new brand of populism.

Up until now Trump supporters are generally happy about his cabinet choices. He didn’t quite drain the swamp, but he’s selecting qualified men and women and minorities to help him with his agenda. Hiring Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State would be icing on the cake and a feather in his political cap.

Unfortunately his aides have not yet collected and smashed to pieces his social network devices, and his speechwriters have not demanded that he stick with a scripted message when he is addressing large crowds- not doing so always leads to confusion in the aftermath.

Trump won the election. He is president of the United States. There is no need to constantly respond to critics in the press or elsewhere. He no longer needs to settle old feuds. The man has reached the pinnacle of success and has an opportunity to be one of the greatest men in history. Trump’s ego and lack of discipline could distract him from the job ahead to make America great again.

I want Trump to succeed. The definition of success is getting done what he promised to do. He needs to surround himself with experts to navigate through the thousands of problems that face a president every day. Trump will not have time to mess around with every naysayer and crybaby. He’s president and they are irrelevant so long as he performs.

The idea of having a victory tour is a good one. Trump should thank average Americans for electing him. But these people want results. They want a better life, not platitudes and threats.

Rumors that Trump has not accepted briefings before speaking with other world leaders is disconcerting. He must be informed about sensitivities that could dramatically deter his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and to redo military and trade agreements. Mr. President, you must do your homework and not contradict previous statements to gain credibility as a world leader.

It’s going to be a long and excruciating four years if our new president doesn’t clean up his act.


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