Where Is Trump Going With Immigration Reform?

The growing opposition to President-elect Trump’s promise to reform immigration is misguided.

No where in our Constitution or in our laws is there a requirement to accept immigrants into the country. Nevertheless from the early days of our nation to the present day, America has welcomed millions from all over the world.

The reasons why foreigners want to become U.S. citizens are varied. Some believe they can make a better life for their families, some seek religious freedom, some want to live in a democratic society and some want to escape poverty and/or persecution.

During the early 1900s Irish and Italians came to our shores in droves. My grandparents were among this group of Europeans. They followed the rules and eventually gain citizenship. This compares to the total chaos at our southern borders where millions have entered our country illegally and are now draining significant resources from our federal and state governments.

To say these people are victims is completely absurd. U.S. citizens lives have been disrupted by illegal immigration and the American taxpayers are the real victims. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent caring for illegals in schools and for their health care, money that should have been spent in our ghettos and for needy citizens across the country.

Americas are altruistic. Our inclination is to help those in need even if they are in the country without permission. So it is insulting to say the least when ultra-liberals indicate that we have an obligation to care for the millions that have broken our laws. It is even more disconcerting when large city mayors unilaterally decide to support illegals by setting up sanctuary cities in defiance of federal laws.

Our country has allowed illegal immigration to go on too long. It is not feasible for our government to round up 10-12 million illegals and send them back to their countries of origin. Neither Trump nor our Congress is going to do so, no matter what some say. Illegals already in the country will eventually have a path to citizenship in spite of the  financial and social costs of such a plan.

It’s perfectly reasonable to shut down new illegal immigration with a wall or a fence or with more border guards. It is also reasonable to deport illegal immigrants who have or will commit felonies, no questions asked and no exceptions. It is idiotic to incarcerate felons in the U.S. and bear that expense as well.

No, we are not talking about jaywalking, spitting on the pavement, not picking up after dogs or other petty crimes. if you’re illegal and you murder someone, commit armed robbery, rape someone, destroy property, etc. you are out, no pity, no clemency, no excuses.

Massive immigration of people has occurred throughout history. Sometimes they are welcomed in their new environs and sometimes they are scorned. America has done more than its fair share of accepting immigrants over the years. In fact we are a country of immigrants.

Our federal and state governments should enforce laws to prevent further illegal entry into the country, especially since we are going to be kind and receptive to millions that have already come to America without authorization.

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