The Rationale Of Giving Trump A Chance To Lead America

Liberals and Donald Trump are at war, big time. Protests at the inauguration this week could be a precursor to more violent and destructive activities in the future.

Unfortunately the former are not willing to give the president-elect a chance to prove himself, and the latter refuses to disregard any criticism from opponents.

It’s stunning that a significant number of Americans have already written Trump off. They say his brash style will not sit well with world leaders. They say he’s not responsible enough to be our commander-in-chief. They say he’s not intelligent enough to deal with complex diplomatic and military issues. They say he will not listen to his advisors. To Trump’s supporters these assessments are totally speculative and unfounded.

No incoming president is truly prepared to be the leader of the free world. In recent history JFK had only congressional experience. Ronald Reagan was an actor and governor of California for a short time. And most recently Barack Obama was a small time community activist.

Wise presidents-elect choose experienced men and women to advise them. They recognize that there are many things to learn, problems will begin to drop on their desks from day one that will require immediate and thoughtful responses.

Reagan assembled one of the greatest cabinets in American history. Alexander Haig, George Schultz, Jim Baker and Ed Meese were seasoned pols that helped make Reagan’s presidency a great one. Reagan was first and foremost an entertainment person and a great communicator.

Trump is following Reagan’s program. You many not agree with the politics of his nominees for key cabinet positions, but most are experienced in areas that will help him be effective. Also, for the most part, Trump’s advisors are seasoned in issues affiliated with his campaign promises.

And then there’s the question about his aggression. Trump, if nothing else, is a very hands-on tough negotiator who’s not going to kowtow to despots, fanatics, madmen and provocateurs that are leading other countries and creating significant risk to world peace.

Internationally Trump is going to be very assertive with Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran, ISIS and others. Consider the strong military types he has recruited to deal with aggression throughout the world. Drawing meaningless lines in the sand and refusing to respond with force has been two of many Obama missteps.

Domestically Trump has put U.S. companies on notice that they will not be able to export jobs without severe consequences. The president-elect hasn’t even taken office and American businesses are responding to his demands. Thousands of jobs have already been saved or created. Are U.S. businesses frightened about reprisals? Dammed right they are.

It’s perfectly understandable that some people think Trump is a wild card. And their retort to his hiring of capable people is that he won’t listen to them. Does anyone believe General Mattis and Rex Tillerson are lackeys that will do Trump’s bidding without due consideration?

Trump deserves an opportunity to prove his mettle and keep his promises. He won the election fair and square as prescribed by our Constitution. Deriding the man before he takes office is unproductive and un-American. There will be an ocean of criticism if Trump acts improperly in any way.

As far as all the crybabies and self-proclaimed protectors of American culture are concerned, why don’t you use some common sense before you act or make inane comments? Trump is president. You lost in November. He is going to be governing us for at least four years. There is no upside for you to attempt to destroy his presidency.

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