Trump’s Immigration Concerns Are Legitimate But His Execution Was Terrible

It’s been a rough week playing the role of Trump apologist. The naysayers and the liberals upset by the election of the new president have been beating my brains in as I continue to support the new president’s agenda.

In particular it’s been impossible to convince anyone that Trump has honorable intentions about immigration reform. Too many Americans don’t appreciate the president’s deep concern about the national security risks affiliated with the immigration of individuals from war-torn parts of the Middle East.

He wants to secure America from evil people that hate our way of life, so I do believe he is on the right track. I’m distressed that every American doesn’t feel similarly. Putting limits on new visas for the targeted countries until we are sure that our vetting processes are sound is a wise thing to do even if it is inconvenient.

Yet the pendulum of political correctness and concern for immigrants who think they have a divine right to come to our country has driven some Americans into a frenzy. At this moment Trump haters and most liberals believe granting visas to a multitude of people is more important than stopping determined terrorists.

Granted the odds of finding this needle in a haystack are long. But if our security forces are unable to stop an Islamic terrorist after he enters the country and before he kills or injures anyone, the public outcry will be overwhelming and the pendulum will swing to the right as it did after 9/11.

I hasten to remind those that are feeling overly secure that about 19 al-Qaeda terrorists high jacked four planes with box cutters and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks killed 2,996, injured 6,000, destroyed $10 billion of property and generated $3 trillion of losses.

It doesn’t take a large crew of nut cases to kill a lot of Americans. Why shouldn’t our government take extra precautions to stop these types of crimes against humanity? Why is anyone overly concerned about political correctness when so much is at stake?

No doubt there are despicable homegrown domestic terrorists that also pose a great risk. Consider the Oklahoma City tragedy. The odds of American citizens with bad intentions evading law enforcement is much lower than a young Middle Eastern terrorist with a school visa who hides in the shadows and is supported by comrades in his ethnic community. Imported terrorists are separated from mainstream America. They conspire with other like-minded individuals and plan to kill and maim our families and friends.

I’ve heard every argument since Trump issued orders to block visas for those wishing to immigrate from certain countries, all of which house terrorists and many others that hate Americans, our religion and our way of life.

I agree that America is great because of immigration of so many that created a giant melting pot. My grandparents came to this country along with many other peace-loving people looking for a better life. How many stories of suicide bombers and vicious attacks on innocent Americans have been attributed to Italians, Irish, German, French and Jewish immigrants?

The answer is very few over the past few centuries because these immigrants wanted to resettle in America, wanted to adopt our values and longed to be assimilated. They wanted to pray to God without interference and didn’t try to convert others to their religion.

All this has changed as immigrants from the Middle East replaced the people mentioned above. They don’t want to be assimilated, and they want others to pray to God the way they do.

Donald Trump has rightly recognized that immigrants from certain countries represent a clear and present danger, even an existential threat in the long run. He wants to be sure than anyone that immigrates to the U.S. is not dangerous. He wants to ensure that our vetting procedures are comprehensive.

Notwithstanding all the rhetoric to the contrary, there is no way to effectively vet immigrants from certain countries. Their governments don’t have accurate records. Some people claim that extreme vetting is already taking place. I for one am very skeptical about these assurances.

Even though my sentiments are with Trump regarding the dangers of allowing immigration from certain countries, I stipulate that the execution of this new policy was horrendous. It was ramrodded via a presidential mandate without considering the thousands of problems it would cause for those affected by the mandate.

And so the arrogance and attitude of the new administration regarding this new order didn’t sit well with a large number of Americans.

Trump was not elected dictator. If he believes a new policy is necessary, it should be enacted with the cooperation of Congress after thoughtful consideration. Trump’s tactics are reminiscent of Obama’s, which some feel were unconstitutional because they excluded congressional support.



2 thoughts on “Trump’s Immigration Concerns Are Legitimate But His Execution Was Terrible

  1. Some good points Sal however the omission of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
    from the list is confusing. The argument that these countries were not
    already on the accepted governmental list of agreed upon potential
    terror importers holds little water.

  2. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. 50 % of the people hate his ideas – 50% are OK with his agenda.

    Trump is a disrupting figure as was self evident during his campaign. He does not work as a politician – he works as an executive that simply wants to get things done. So he put this vetting plan into action and now the his team must make it work – at the moment they are scrambling – but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

    To put this into proper perspective, there were less than 200 people detained across the US.

    I would have liked to have seen a more organized approach, but I too would not want to wait till every T was crossed and each i dotted.

    Let’ move on.

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