Bizarre News #4: AG Fired, Defiant Diplomats Should Quit, CEOs Criticize Trump, SCOTUS Confrontation Begins

Opposition to President Trump is becoming more fashionable and visible every day. None of this should come as any surprise to astute Americans. Everybody knows that liberals are still bemoaning their losses in the 2016 elections. And so defiance of the president is the principal subject of this weeks Bizarre News report.

-Sally Q. Yates, the acting Attorney General who was filling in for Jeff Sessions until his likely confirmation this week, was fired by the president. According the the New York Times “she defiantly refused to defend [Trump’s] executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries.”

It’s noteworthy that the acting chief law officer would refuse to take an order from the president. If a soldier on the battlefield refused to take an order his commander could shoot him or at a minimum court marshal him for treason. BTW Yates was appointed by Obama.

-The Trump administration has told diplomats who don’t agree with Trump’s agenda to resign, and avoid disobeying a direct order. This is the preferable way to show disagreement.

-CEOs across the country are expressing their concern about Trump’s immigration policies. Andrew Ross Sorkin, of the Times, astutely discussed the ramifications of businessmen criticizing the actions of this president.

We all know that Trump will not miss an opportunity to avenge disloyalty. The CEOs are concerned that their protests could be singled out and/or their companies might be penalized at some point in the future.

-The Supreme Court nomination of Trump to replace Justice Scalia is due this week. Senate Democrats are losing every confirmation battle relating to Trump’s cabinet. The reason is that confirmation requires only a simple majority. Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, so they will get their way.

But confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice requires a super majority. Led by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), the minority leader, Democrats are going to lambaste any candidate nominated by Trump. The president has indicated that he wants a strong justice who is pro-life. Abortion issues will likely dominate the proceedings.

This is the only realistic way for Democrats to punish Trump for winning the election. Some think that cooperation and comity would be a better strategy for the opposition party in today’s environment. The confirmation hearing will be a political circus.

Defiance of the president is all the rage at this time.

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