The Next Political Bloodbath: Justice Gorsuch

During the next month or so Americans will witness how a soundly defeated political party can further prove that it really doesn’t deserve the support of the electorate.

Democrats, lead by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), will employ every dirty political trick to destroy the reputation of the nominee to SCOTUS, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch.

SCOTUS has four conservative and four liberal judges.  The death of Antonin Scalia created an opening on the court last year, which was also the final year of Barack Obama’s tenure. Scalia was a conservative and his presence gave conservatives a 5-4 edge.

Obama had an opportunity to materially change the complexion of the court and nominated Merrick Garland, a liberal judge to replace Scalia. Garland’s confirmation would have changed the court to a 5-4 balance favoring liberals. The impact of such a change would have been extraordinary. Polls show that this fact was recognized by American voters and was one of the principle reasons why many voted for Donald Trump.

Republicans refused to conduct confirmation hearings in the Senate effectively killing Garland’s chances. The rationale for refusing a vote was that no president for several decades added a judge to SCOTUS in the last year of his final term. Republicans insisted that voters in the impending election should have a say in the process. The rest is history.

Some Democrats have not stopped whining that Republicans stole the seat on the court. They discounted the logic behind Republican resistance last year. Now Democrats are anxious to avenge the treatment of Garland using Justice Gorsuch as their target.

From what we already know Gorsuch is a superlative nominee (if you aren’t a Democrat). He’s young, accomplished, a great judge (who was recently confirmed by the Senate for a lower court position by unanimous vote), well educated (Harvard Law and a doctoral degree from Oxford) and a pillar of virtue in his personal dealings.

Now Democrats are sharpening their knives and ready to destroy Gorsuch. If there is any dirt it will be revealed. If none is found they will spin his resume and create issues. Blood will be spilled and relationships in the Senate will worsen.

Since the confirmation of Gorsuch, which requires 60 votes in the Senate, will restore the court to the balance that existed before Scalia passed away, many experts think Democrat resistance will be deemed inappropriate by American voters. Given that Justice Ginsburg is 83 and close to retirement it might make more sense to save real political firepower to protect her seat thereby maintaining the 5-4 split on the court.

Democrat senators are being led by a man who is desperate to make his mark on our government. Schumer is going to rant, rave and even shed a tear or two as he ruthlessly strives to eviscerate Gorsuch. He, the country and Democrats would be better served by cooperating with those on the other side of the aisle to move America forward. A statesmanlike response to the Gorsuch nomination would be a an excellent way for Schumer to show us he can lead.

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