The Unfair Backlash Against President Trump

The backlash against President Trump comes as no surprise. The entire liberal community has joined together and found fault with the new president’s business career, personality and cabinet nominees.

Trump’s political agenda has been under fire long before he won the election. The name calling is relentless, and he’s been branded a xenophobe, an isolationist, a misogynist, a self-promoter and generally bad for America.

Wise supporters have filtered out his egocentrism and campaign rhetoric, and are growing to appreciate his determination to keep promises and to get things done that he believes will make America great again.

The first days of the Trump administration have been a whirlwind. We now are sure he won’t allow any other world leader or country to walk all over American interests. Trade deals are being examined carefully, illegal missile testing by Iran has resulted in new sanctions, an attempt to dump refugees on America by Australia was called into question, Israel settlements will likely be decelerated in the interest of peace, Mexico is going to pay, one way or the other, for the costs of the wall that separates our countries and so much more.

Most importantly Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, ISIS and other belligerent entities have been put on notice that the U.S. won’t stand aside and permit dangerous actions on their part.

In the meantime Trump and his aides are meeting with union leaders and business executives in an attempt to garner support to improve economic conditions. The response to Trump’s suggestions and willingness to work with skeptical groups has been remarkable.

There have been some bumps in the road. The restructuring of Obamacare is under way. It’s a monster project. Despite warnings from critics who insist the needy will lose their health coverage, Trump promised to provide health care to all at an affordable price. The road is and will continue to be treacherous, but Trump knows that fixing this entitlement could greatly impact his credibility moving forward.

Immigration reform is being attacked by a large group of Americans and many around the world. The introduction of sensible temporary restrictions has been labelled racist by the liberal press and others that think political correctness is more important than national security. Trump is attempting to preempt terrorist attacks in the country, while his opponents are only interested in taking action after attacks occur.

Not coincidentally Trump instituted restrictions on the same nations that Obama cited several years ago. These restrictions have been lifted by recent court orders. The Trump administration has said it would challenge these decisions in higher court.

Trump wants to examine immigration procedures and be sure that all those visiting and immigrating to the U.S. are law-abiding, and that they will embrace our values. What’s wrong with this strategy? Why are left-wing groups so intent on allowing immigrants into our country without a complete vetting? Why is a several month delay in the immigration process for certain groups who have a history of violence such a dreaded act in the minds of some?

Trump is monitoring actions by corporations to ensure they don’t adversely affect our economy or job growth. Simultaneously he is slashing regulations that are so restrictive that they hurt American competitiveness. Surely our environment is important and regulations are needed to ensure that consumers are protected. But Obama went overboard influenced by his warped vision of business and its contributions to our lifestyles.

America is gaining respect. For the time being Trump’s aggressive and somewhat unpredictable demeanor will irk world leaders, the press and liberal Americans. Over time this reputation will reap great rewards for America.

The delay by Senate Democrats of the confirmation process is outrageous. The opposition is striving to find meaning in their lives after being obliterated in the recent elections. Resistance is fruitless. Republicans hold the votes to overcome Democratic shenanigans and attempted obstruction. In the meantime important positions remained unfilled.

And finally a word on violent protests on college campuses. Observers of these despicable activities should not be fooled by the intentions of rioters. Many are anarchists that want to destroy our country. Many are paid to demonstrate and destroy property.

Even worse are the actions that impact freedom of speech at our institutions of higher learning. Dissent is good. Open discussions about varying points of view are healthy for all. Rioting against speakers on college campuses is un- American and unconstitutional. Liberals are not the only ones protected by free speech.

The Trump administration is getting off to a flying start. Many of his supporters believe that America will grow to appreciate this new president if he has the wisdom and determination to keep the promises he made during the campaign. Everything is riding on his performance.

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