Bizarre News #5: Warren’s big mouth, Climate change duel, Chinese carbon emissions, Ayatollah and Trump bump heads, Immigration “justice”

Not much has changed since the last edition of Bizarre News. There’s a lot of interesting and weird stuff going on, most of which is carrying the president’s imprint.

-Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) thinks she has a 007 license to verbally assault anyone who is to her right (which is about 99% of America). Her Republican colleagues in the Senate shut her down as she attempted to eviscerate Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), candidate for Attorney General, on Tuesday evening during a non-productive all-night roast on the Senate floor.  Adderall for everyone!

Warren read a letter from Coretta Scott King “that was critical of Sen. Sessions’ record on civil rights during his early years in Alabama.” Republicans leaders said “[Warren] impugned the motives, and the conduct of [their] colleague . . .” Warren was forced to stop speaking and was not permitted to make any further comments about Sessions.

Immediately liberals began to protest the action by Republicans saying that “[they] silenced Mrs. King’s voice.”

My response to all this is that the comments by Mrs. King were made nearly 30 years ago, so they may be a bit dated. Since that time Sessions has evolved and proved to many that he is an exemplary senator and worthy of the AG cabinet position. Sessions was confirmed early last night by a vote of 52-47.

-Climate change is very much in the news. The first story relates to the science of climate change. One of the most important reasons why the left and right can’t agree on what to do moving forward is that there’s no unanimity about the risks relating to climate change.

The latest controversy involves a journalist named David Rose who described “astonishing evidence” that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration . . . rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was trying to influence the historic Paris agreement on climate change.”

-Climate change 2 involves the actions of the Chinese. They are building massive coal plants that are significant producers of “an alarming amount of carbon dioxide, the main green house gas, accelerating climate change.”The plants convert coal to synthetic natural gas.

China has huge reserves of coal. In some remote parts of the country the coal industry is the dominant employer and the principal source of revenue. Outlying provinces are defying government demands to decrease pollution because the plants are critical to the local economy.

It’s outrageous that China is “leading” the world’s efforts to decrease climate change while it is such a huge polluter. Efforts by western countries to minimize their carbon emissions are being offset by the continuing industrialization of China. The chances of the world truly uniting to fight carbon emissions are remote at best.

Iran’s Ayatollah Kamenei is trying to compete with President Trump in a battle of insults and threats. Kamenei “caustically thanked the new American leader . . . for revealing ‘the true face’ of the United States.”

The cleric is emboldened by the inane Iranian policies of Barack Obama and is now testing Trump. Many Americans hope that the president will respond by tearing up the nuclear treaty and double down with more sanctions that will bring hardship and political turmoil to Iran.

-Appellate court judges are about to rule on the stay relating to Trump’s immigration orders. Some Americans are trying to figure out why a lower court halted Trump’s plans to prevent dangerous immigration of anyone from seven of the most violent Arab states.

The principle issue relates to presidential power. Does the president have the authority to close our borders to groups of people for national security reasons?

In 1950 the Supreme Court said, “The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty . . . inherent in the executive branch.” Shortly after Congress passed a law that said the president “may by proclamation and for such periods he shall deem necessary, suspend the entering of all aliens and any class of aliens or immigrants or non-immigrants.”

Why are any courts considering Trump’s immigration order? He has the power to stop immigration at his discretion. Excerpts from the meeting between the appellate court and attorneys for both sides indicate that the judges were assessing Trump’s judgment about the national security risks. This is not within the purview of our judicial systems, which is to focus on legal and constitutional issues, not politics.

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