The Fall Of The Democratic Party

It’s time to consider the status of the Democratic Party in America and recommend changes before their leaders make the party irrelevant.

Currently Democrats are spending their time opposing every Trump agenda item and all of his cabinet nominees. They aren’t providing constructive legislative ideas to improve America. Rather they are encouraging protest by minorities, women’s groups and ultra liberal Americans across the country. Their strategy is creating long-term issues that will result in more political losses in future elections.

Led by Senators Schumer, Warren and Sanders, the party is playing to the most radical elements of their political base. I doubt they have converted one Republican voter to their side. Yet I’m sure moderate Democrats are becoming more disgusted by all the carping and negativity of their leaders.

Epic miscalculations, bad judgment, faulty polling and ineffective campaigning by Democrats resulted in a Republican landslide at every level of government in 2016. Former senator Harry Reid was so intent on sticking it to his opponents that he changed the Senate rules regarding cabinet confirmations from 60 to a simple majority. For this reason Trump is likely to get every one of this nominees confirmed. All the Senate Democrats can do is delay and make vicious attacks on some very good individuals.

The confirmation of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is probably going to come to fruition even though he needs a few Democratic senators to vote for him (eight). Trump is going to pressure Democrats from states he carried in the election to support Gorsuch. These lawmakers will have to decide whether to stay on the Democratic bandwagon to oblivion or vote to confirm to have a chance of reelection. Gorsuch’s confirmation will re-institute a slight edge of conservatives over liberals on the highest court. The big test will occur if a liberal judge retires during Trump’s tenure.

Democrats have a long climb out of purgatory. They must encourage new blood in the party and present good ideas that Republicans can support to gain back credibility. The old liberal claptrap is no longer effective. They must embrace and not resist the Republican political tsunami.

Democratic presidential candidates included an Obama supported has-been (Hillary Clinton) and a socialist (Sanders). Both eschew capitalism, exceptionalism and change. Every American wants to earn more money and have a shot at the brass ring. Although many millennials are skeptical about our economic system, education and hard work are still the keys to success and prosperity.

Whether you like him personally or not, Donald Trump is changing the country just as he promised. There have been few surprises although many believe his cabinet choices are terrific with a few exceptions. He refuses to be delayed by Democratic whiners or the Republican establishment. If he is able to check off items on his to-do list he will be unstoppable in 2020. Having an obnoxious president is better than having a likeable ideolog who can’t govern the country effectively.

Democrats better begin to offer some fresh ideas soon. America is going to improve under Trump with or without support from the opposition. If Democrats stay on the sidelines and cast stones they will fall further behind in the next off-year elections. This will result in one-party rule for all intents and purposes and be bad for our country.

There is no reason for Trump to change his operating methods. He’s going to call out offenders if they export jobs, cheat the government or are not cooperative. His social media capabilities are epic. We all know what he’s thinking every day. Let’s call this transparency, something that was nonexistent just a few months ago.

I want Trump to protect my family and my country. I want him to lower taxes and cut out government waste. I want him to create more jobs and decrease welfare. I want him to end illegal immigration. I want him to improve our schools. I want him to elevate America’s reputation internationally. If he does these things I will excuse his self-aggrandizement and gruff personality. You should too.


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