Ultra Liberals And The Bias Press Are Damaging The Presidency

Accusations and bad feeling are proliferating Washington. The Trump administration has made some bonehead moves in its haste to make a quick start. At the same time the opposition is going all-in with a strategy to destroy the presidency at every turn.

Trump haters really hate the president’s tweets. They fail to recognize two important factors. One, the new president has used social media to connect with America since the beginning of his presidential campaign with great success. He’s controlled the flow of information and news cycles with his  messages to his base, the press and his enemies. Trump is not going to change a successful tactic given everything that has happened to date.

Two, the Trump administration is very transparent, something that Americans and the press have demanded more of in recent years. If the president thinks of something that he wants to accomplish, he tweets the world. One can argue whether some of his communications are premature, poorly written or not specific (there is a word limit remember), but unlike the last administration, America is well informed.

In a rush to fulfill his promises the president is putting a great strain on his aides. This sometimes results in missteps. For instance General Flynn’s communication with Russian diplomats was likely an attempt to pave and jump start an avenue towards better relations between America and Russia. Maybe they were premature, and maybe they would never bear fruit. But Trump is trying to relate to Putin. This might be a pipe dream, but it’s worth the effort.

However, there was no excuse for Flynn to lie, withhold information or to mislead the president and his aides. Flynn had to go.

Democrats are dead set on destroying Trump. They despise everything about him. After all he’s responsible for their horrific performance in the 2016 elections. A neophyte with no political experience made Hillary Clinton, all of her celebrity supporters, liberal lawmakers and the press look like idiots. His only offense was that he won.

Regardless of one’s political affiliation it makes no sense for Americans to attack the presidency. Trump is going to make policies and take actions that could affect our country for decades. It would be more sensible to work with the president.

Trump’s demeanor and swagger turn off many Americans. This is no reason to denigrate his policies. Fact is that many are still in favor of his agenda. It’s the reason why he won the election. Fixing problems and draining the political swamp will ruffle a lot of feathers. But it needs to be done.

Trump thinks big, and he refuses to allow naysayers to stifle his plans. Unfortunately his opponents portray every initiative in the most negative manner. In fact they often lie and twist the truth to be destructive.

Immigration is a great example. Trump wants a respite of 90 days to ensure that every person coming to America is not intent on making trouble. This is a sensible objective. Obviously no American wants terrorists or felons to immigrate to our country. Why not review the vetting process and be sure? We only hear accusations of bigotry and xenophobia from the left.

Fact is the countries that were included in the temporary ban are in turmoil. The information that can be accumulated on their citizens is insufficient to determine whether one is a troublemaker or a killer. When a Syrian comes to this country, are we sure we have enough background on the person to grant his admission? Often we hear about a two-year vetting process. That may be, but what do we learn about a person from Yemen during this time?

The liberal press and violent protestors are despicable. They are not doing America a service when they disrupt and mislead average Americans. And frankly their activities are so off-the-wall and obvious that Trump’s base is strengthening every day.

Liberal lawmakers who are making the confirmation process so difficult are delaying the employment of hundreds of bureaucrats needed to effectively operate the government. We only discuss cabinet positions, but there are scores of other appointees that need to be hired.

Trump’s progress has been a bit shaky and uneven, but it’s not all his fault. There are many Americans busy at work unfairly smearing his presidency. I thing this is shameful.

Trump has not proven he will be a great president and too many are making it difficult for him to do so.


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