Trump Stayed On Point And Was Presidential

Donald Trump took a huge first step towards becoming a legitimate president last night. Throughout the campaign and the first month of his tenure he defiantly challenged his opponents, other countries and the political establishment.  During his first speech last night to a joint session of Congress the president delivered an insightful assessment of America and his plans to improve it.

But more importantly Trump didn’t get in anyone’s face. Certainly Democrats are still skeptical about many of the administration’s proposed policies. But Trump asked for their help to accomplish many things. Similarly Trump toned down his rhetoric when he addressed other countries that should be our strong allies in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration.

Donald Trump showed that he can be presidential and more than a bully. It appears he is benefiting by having such an accomplished group of people advising him. Making good on his agenda is the most important objective for the administration. The president knows not everyone agrees with every item, but his popularity and support will grow if he keeps his promises.

During the journey last night the president showed the country that he has deep feelings about a number of sensitive issues. They include his affection for our brave soldiers and veterans. His tribute to the wife of a fallen Navy Seal was the most dramatic and moving moment of the evening.

Additionally Trump displayed empathy for the plight of refugees, the disgusting anti-Semitic actions of bigots who desecrated Jewish grave sites, continuing racism, and the scourge of drug use.

Thankfully Trump avoided petty battles he has had with the media and certain individuals in government and other countries.

Donald Trump left no doubt that Islamic terrorism, which he explicitly named, was one of his highest priorities. In this regard he wants to defeat ISIS once and for all. Although he is determined to end illegal immigration the president showed compassion for innocents caught up in the controversy. And importantly Trump indicated that the U.S. will no longer be taken advantage of by our allies or enemies relating to trade and national security.

Many Trump devotees have been waiting for this moment- the evolution of Trump from a self-centered egotist to a president. We hope he continues to improve his image, but his greatest objective is to keep every promise he made during the campaign.



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