NY Times Says Syrian Weapons Deal Is Haunting Obama

With the inauguration of President Trump I mistakenly believed that the incompetence of the Obama administration would cease to plague the country. Not true. More and more of the former president’s actions and hyperbole regarding the Middle East are proving to be false.

At the top of the list is the totally naïve deal struck with Syria’s madman Bashar al-Assad. After Assad sashayed across Obama’s “line in the sand,” Obama and John Kerry signed a deal brokered by the Russians to avoid military conflict. It stipulated that Syria, once again, promised to not gas on its own people and give up all chemical weapons. Neither promise has been kept.

The most obvious mistake by Obama was to rely upon the word of the counter parties, Assad and Putin. They’re both liars and murderers that have no respect for human life. How could the former president believe this was going to end well?

Trump did what Obama should have done several years ago before Russia and Iran became firmly entrenched in Syria- launch missiles at Syria’s chemical stockpiles and the airfield that serves as a delivery point for said weapons of mass destruction

Now that Russia has gone all in with Assad, this action, although substantive, will have little effect on ending hostilities in Syria where hundreds of thousands have been brutally murdered and millions driven from their homes.

The next obvious crisis will occur when it is determined that Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal it signed with the U.S. Once again the stupidity of believing one can negotiate with a group of bold-faced liars committed to the destruction of Israel and the degradation of American influence in the region, is difficult to fathom. You don’t need a doctoral degree in international relations to know that this deal is going to be yet another Obama disaster that’ll require Trump’s attention.

The result of these missteps is already escalating tensions with Russia, Iran, Syria and China. The latter will soon be under pressure to temper the ambitions of the North Korean maniac fearing a preemptive military strike by the U.S. forces.

Even the liberal press is beginning to recognize the damage done by Obama. See NY Times article entitled “Deal on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Comes Back to Haunt Obama.”

Obama’s true place in history is beginning to take shape. His foreign policies were an unmitigated disaster.

One thought on “NY Times Says Syrian Weapons Deal Is Haunting Obama

  1. Syria had no incentive to comply to Obama’s so called “line in the sand” because of our Presidents inaction. When Assad tested him the first time, he used gas to spread fear to stay in power and then waited; nothing. Using gas disregards all global rules of engagement! When he did it again, there was still no action from Obama.

    I read that Assad’s regime embraces lessons of Syria’s history, who’s ancient leaders preached the idea of persistent and gradual violence to stay in power and keep the people under control. The teachings basically taught Assad that “If he could use money, he would not use words; if he could use words, he would not use his whip; if I could use his whip, he would not use his sword; but if he has to use his sword, he will.” OK, whips and swords is one thing, they are brutal enough; but Assad’s actions employed the most diabolical weapon – gas.

    What I don’t understand is why the world tolerates this behavior. The United Nations of the World should have collaborated and said – I’m as mad has hell and I’m not going to take it anymore (Network); but they didn’t, so Trump acted, and for the most part, some Democrats and many Republicans and believe it or not, the American public seemed to be OK with this.

    As we move forward, it’s imperative that this administration act responsibly and think this through, as we are walking a very fine line here. The World, and not just the US needs to say, “we will not allow the continued use of gas or the mass extermination of the Syrian people.” Free People must act!

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