Will Trump’s Foreign Successes Help Him Domestically?

President Trump had some impressive moments during his overseas tour. Optimists among us are hoping that he can convert these successes into new initiatives in America that will make it more prosperous and safer.

In Saudi Arabia he in effect sided with Sunni Arabs against their mortal enemies,  Shiites. Specifically he called out Iran by indicating it is the most destructive regime in the Middle East to the elation of Sunnis around the world. Trump agreed to a huge arms sale to the Saudis and opened the door to a U.S./Israeli/Saudi peace effort. Hopes are growing that perhaps the conflict between Israel and Palestine will finally subside.

In Rome the president managed to avoid a confrontation with Pope Francis. Given their differences this was a diplomatic coup. Trump promised to fight evil forces around the world that impede religious freedom, among other things. Afterwards the pontiff and the president traded gifts. There were no showdowns relating to global warming and immigration, two areas in which the men differ dramatically.

In Belgium Trump called out his NATO partners. For years most of the members of NATO have not met their commitments to spend on defense. The president highlighted this breach of trust and indicated that the U.S.’s promise to protect its allies is dependent upon each of them doing their part. Frankly it’s absurd for American taxpayers to subsidize France, Italy and Germany. Additionally the president insisted that NATO begin to focus more on terrorism, which represents a greater threat to the continent than Russian aggression. Ironically the meeting was held at a new $1 billion NATO headquarters.

Given all these positive moments overseas will Republicans, Democrats and the liberal press cooperate with the Trump administration and help implement its agenda? The simple answer is: not a chance.

One of the most disappointing activities perpetrated by liberal extremists in the country is the set back relating to free speech. On our college campuses and at many public events, the most violent left wing elements have made it impossible for others with different opinions to express themselves. Americans have sacrificed much over the past 200+ years to ensure that all ideas and opinions can be freely conveyed in our country. In just a few short months radical groups in America impacted many of the gains relating to free speech. Culpable in this process, startlingly, is the liberal press. It encourages violent behavior with belligerent reporting, even as its very existence is dependent upon free speech.

Obamacare is imploding, according most liberal and conservative experts. Whether you are generally for or against the law, you should not assume that things will go smoothly if Obamacare is left unchanged. Coverage by insurance companies is decreasing. Premiums are skyrocketing. And the system is flawed in so many ways beginning with the ill-conceived mandates requiring 100% participation.

Most Americans want the needy to have coverage, but it must be accomplished without tearing down the entire health care system. At least Republicans are attempting to fix the entitlement. Democrats are obstructing to deny Trump any legislative victories while the system is falling apart.

Most Americans want tax reform but liberal and conservative perspectives are so divergent that success in reforming the system seems remote. Once again Democrats are dead set against any Trump initiatives for political reasons. The tax system is unfair in so many ways. It discourages economic growth in the country. It decreases employment. And over taxation in certain areas hurts workers. For the first time in a generation legislators are enthusiastic about making productive changes, but alas it will likely not be possible in today’s political environment.

Anyone in favor of open immigration is probably not reading the newspapers or watching TV news. Terrorism abounds throughout the world. More than ever our boarder guards must be diligent and not allow troublemakers, anarchists, jihadists or any other felons into our country. Until our government can effectively do this, we need to take a time out relating to immigration. Individuals from failed states throughout the world will most likely cause problems moving forward. The federal government must limit the flow of immigrants from these places. Otherwise we should be prepared to deal with deplorable attacks against the most helpless among us at concerts, shopping malls, schools and on our transportation system.

Trump is making progress as a leader. Americans must support him in those initiatives that will improve our country and make it safer.

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