Kushner Chaos

A New York Times article on Monday portrays Jared Kushner as a man very much like his father-in-law, President Donald Trump. The similarities are uncanny. But is our nation (and and the world) ready for these two men in the same presidential administration? Will Kushner have a positive influence on Trump? Is Kushner qualified to advise the president about important matters of state?

Kushner is a pampered son of a real estate magnate with an ego as big as the entire outdoors. His aggressive persona mirrors the president’s to a great degree. And most importantly Kushner is assuming responsibilities far beyond his capabilities.

Not to be trite, but how can Americans expect a thirty-something year old to have the experience and wisdom to solve the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? Some great statesmen have been unsuccessful leading the warring parties to peace. Kushner only has his exploits buying and selling real estate properties to draw upon.

Kushner is a talented and remarkably successful young man, but his judgment relating to Russian détente could potentially hamper the Trump administration for many months. His playing Henry Kissinger without any actual experience has already been harmful.

And we have been led to believe that Kushner wields tremendous power in the White House. He’s permitted to participate in any meetings he wishes. In this regard he supposedly was the principal critic of James Comey, possibly one of the worst FBI Directors in history. And yet Kushner misread the political tea leaves and exposed the Trump administration.

Kushner thought that Comey was equally despised by the left (for outing Hillary Clinton and costing her the presidential election) and by the right (for having the audacity to investigate his ultimate boss- the president), so how could Comey’s ouster be anything but a win-win opportunity? Well consider what’s happened. His father-in-law has been accused of obstruction of justice by his opponents and is being investigated by special counsel.

Frankly many Americans are not comfortable with Kushner being at the epicenter of White House decision-making. And we are not at all confident he knows how to deal with experienced Russian, Israeli, Palestinian and Arab operatives.

Regarding the White House Kushner has become the foil of Stephan Bannon, the new Darth Vader of American politics superseding Dick Cheney’s who held the position under George W. Bush. Some Americans would be relieved if Trump axed Kushner and Bannon. Their advice and inability to sway Donald Trump are creating a huge SNAFU in the White House. Trump would be better served by taking direction form the grownups on his staff, like Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn.

President Trump needs to let the dust settle and get back to the business of implementing his agenda. He must turbocharge efforts to fix Obamacare and reform taxes. He needs to protect America domestically and internationally regardless of protests from his politically correct opposition. And he should stop bickering with Democrats. No matter what the president does he will be criticized and demeaned by them.  And finally the president must reconsider the qualifications,  benefits and disadvantages of the people advising him.

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