Manchester And The Dangers Of Liberal Immigration Policies

Despite the latest atrocity perpetrated by radical Islamists in Manchester, liberals continue to be averse to stricter immigration standards directed at failed states throughout the Arab world.

The defenders of an open immigration policy are saying the ethnicity of terrorists is not relevant because most attacks are perpetrated by individuals born in the countries they terrorize. They say these attackers are brainwashed by anarchists already in the country and/or by information obtained on the Internet.

I’m startled that there has not been a meeting of the minds on this issue in the U.S. The left continues to concern itself with the feelings and non-existent rights of potentially violent emigrees.

Does it matter that some attackers were born in the places they are detonating bombs and running over citizens with vehicles? The media is always relentless trying to determine whether violent acts are acts of terror.

President Trump and many Americans want more immigration restrictions. Trump’s proposed policies are right on. And his supporters believe that a temporary ban on immigration from failed states, which are unable to help the U.S. vet emigrants from their countries, will have a real effect on the growing anarchistic sentiment in Muslims neighborhoods. Troublemakers who immigrate to the U.S. and try to convince young people to strap on bombs and kill children at concerts need to be barred from the country before they are able to inspire bedlam.

Liberal courts are more concerned with political correctness than our safety and the constitutional mandate that requires the president to protect America. Some courts in the country are deeming bans on several failed Muslim states illegal because Trump is a bigot and xenophobe. Really? Are judges qualified to psychoanalyze the president?

The time has come for the U.S. to be more aggressive in the fight against those that want to destroy us. Sure there are homegrown anarchists in our country. All these people need to be prosecuted.

Terrorism must be addressed before acts like Manchester occur, not in their aftermath. I can only imagine the outrage if a similar act took place somewhere in America. The danger seems less threatening when it occurs elsewhere.

The Trump administration should encourage immigration officials to be much more selective before allowing visitors into our country. They should also monitor hotbeds of anarchy, be they driven by Islamic fundamentalism or homegrown felons. Extra diligence will surely save lives.

The situation in European countries where boarders are open has reached a crisis point. Many nations on the continent have huge Muslim neighborhoods where troublemakers reside. If Germany allows more immigration these people will be able to move freely throughout the European Union. EU members are in effect subject to the most liberal members’ tolerance for terrorism.

The U.S. should not cave into liberal dogma if it may affect our national security.

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