Trump Is Misunderstood

The past seven months have been a political roller coaster ride for the president, his fellow Americans and leaders around the world. Voters frequently say they are in favor of Trump’s agenda items but are completely turned off by his demeanor and style. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone call him an a-hole.

Understanding Trump is an arduous task. He was the master of his real estate kingdom for years. During that time he was pampered by a legion of sycophants and social climbers who were at his disposal- literally.

Trump treated suppliers of all types of services with disdain as if it were an honor to do business with the Donald, even if they lost money.

For some strange reason Trump decided to run for president. What inspired him to give up his idyllic existence where he was an undisputed leader for the pressure packed job of governing America is still a mystery? Most believe ego and arrogance played a large role.

Since his election Trump’s efforts to be dictatorial have been thwarted at very turn. Our Constitution gives third parties in the federal government enormous power. Congress controls the purse strings and oversees every action taken by the president. Additionally it must approve treaties and enact laws. Trump’s horrible relationship with this group that includes members of his own political party is one of the greatest problems he has encountered.

Rogue Republicans in the House and Senate have challenged and stymied various initiatives. Frankly they are traitors, many of whom will be punished in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Most recently the president has lambasted Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and Republican, from Kentucky. Trump is furious that McConnell has not been able to shepherd any meaningful legislation through the Senate including efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. Republican colleagues in Congress have come to the Senate Leader’s defense. Having McConnell as an adversary will not bode well for the Trump administration moving forward.

It is this contemptuous manner that many Americans find disturbing. In his former life Trump used people until they were unable to deliver or turned against him. This group included former employees, suppliers, bankers and attorneys. So long as Trump got his way he was a big fan. God help those that did not come through or defied him.

As president, Trump continues to lead in the same manner. The cavalcade of individuals that have entered and exited the White House is evidence that the president has not changed his belligerent attitude towards his subordinates.

Similarly, Trump’s relationship with world leaders follows the same trajectory. Everyone is great until they disagree or push back. Then they are moved into the incompetent bucket.

Notwithstanding all of his personal faults and egomania, Trump is still admired and supported by many Americans. Even some of the aforementioned people that say he’s an a-hole continue to be in favor of lower taxes, more national security, better healthcare, a strong military and so on. The man’s vision of America is far better than his his personal perception.

Naturally, the president, just like every one who preceded him, has strong opposition. Unfortunately pushback of Trump by his antagonists such as the far left, Democrats in Congress and the press is way out of line. Keep in mind every colorful description of Trump has already been used to describe some president that served before him.

I think Trump is grossly misunderstood and characterized unfairly. Yet his inane use of social media and his thin skin for criticism are fodder for those that mischaracterize him on a regular basis.

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