Women’s Equality Is Dependent Upon Exposing Sexual Predators

After reading about the cavalcade of female actresses and models who were sexually harassed and raped by Harvey Weinstein I find myself scratching my head wondering how this detestable man could have continued to terrorize women for such a long period of time. To achieve full equality with men, women must unite to end this type of discrimination.

The New York Post identified Gyyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, Rosanne Arquette, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd in a devastating indictment of Weinstein. All of the women have spoken up, which will likely encourage others to do the same.

What I find to be most disturbing is the influence that some men have over young women in the entertainment business. If you want a job, you must be sexually compliant. The abuse of power is disturbing. Hollywood “moguls” have long used their positions to deflower females in exchange for career opportunities. We can be sure that when a final count of Weinstein’s conquests is tallied, the total will be staggering. After all he’s been behaving this way for three decades.

It makes one wonder whether success for woman in show business is dependent upon with whom they have sex. This deplorable situation is not limited to the entertainment industry. After all Bill Clinton seduced a 20 something year old intern while he was president. She was ridiculed and her life was destroyed while Bill went on to have a great career in spite of his dalliances.

They say power and money are seductive. It is true that some women are willing to do sexual favors to get ahead. This corrupt aspect of doing business can only end if men who use their positions to spice up their lives are exposed. Women must say no to sexual predators even if it impacts their careers.

Another important question is, why do managers of men who prey upon women turn a blind eye towards this felonious behavior? It is well known that employers of sexual predators (along with others who are dishonest) frequently give these individuals leeway. Usually this occurs when the predators are large producers or rainmakers. In other words they are too valuable to the company to terminate them for sexual misconduct. This of course is nonsense because it damages the reputation of the company.

Weinstein has had more than his share of success making movies and discovering talent. Many people have made plenty of money riding his coattails, which is probably the reason why so many have been reluctant to turn him in to the authorities. These people are culpable because they allowed Weinstein to be a menace and did nothing to protect females affiliated to his company. The excuse that all Hollywood moguls have huge libidos and need to be given latitude in their relationships with women is bs. Weinstein, his company, the board of directors and the executives are accountable for looking the other way.

And finally there are those in Hollywood and other liberals who refuse to speak up. Where is their outrage? The Democratic Party is supposed to be the group that protects the vulnerable in our society. Yet Obama, Hillary Clinton and scores of people in the left leaning entertainment business are too chicken-heated to oust a notorious predator from their midst.

Men have gotten away with bad behavior for too long. It’s time that boards of directors and managers make it clear that women will be treated with respect, earn exactly the same compensation as men who do the same work and the glass ceiling no longer exists.

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