Softball Politics Essay Contest

After publishing hundreds of posts on Softball Politics I wonder whether some of my readers would enjoy writing an essay for the blog. People often tell me they would like to be writers. This is a perfect opportunity to test your skills.

Many of you have disagreed with perspectives espoused on this site so it is an opportunity to express a different take on any subject. Liberal submissions are encouraged.

I will edit every submission and publish them if they are well written and interesting. After which I will select the three best essays and take the authors to lunch at an expensive restaurant in the city (The Grand Prize). I’ll even go downtown to celebrate this occasion. Softball Politics is a labor of love, so there will be no monetary awards.

It will be great fun, as many of you are acquainted with others on my distribution list. I will alert the readership that your essay will be on the site so friends and family members will be able to peruse your essay.

This is your chance to see your name in print. You too can be a part of the “fake news” crowd.

Tell me if you intend to compete for the grand prize and then send your submissions to I will acknowledge receipt of your work and let you know how your essay fairs versus others. Good luck.

Sal Bommarito

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