Pedophilia Charges Take Down Roy Moore

For the first time in 25 years Alabamans voted in a Democratic senator.  Democrats claim that the vote is part of  a growing backlash against Donald Trump. But really the outcome is a result of a perfect storm that included allegations of pedophilia directed at Roy Moore. The Republican establishment is actually relieved that Roy Moore lost.

Most talking heads have indicated that the winner, Doug Jones, is a lame duck even before he takes his seat in January. Deep down every informed politician knows that Jones will be obliterated in two years after he finishes Jeff Session’s term. Republicans will retain a slim majority in the Senate in spite of the defeat.

In 2018 25 Democrat senators are up for election, compared to 10 for Republicans. It is highly likely that the GOP will make significant gains in the midterm elections .

This takes us back to the Trump impact. Soon tax reform will be enacted, the first significant legislative victory for the administration. Next on the agenda will be border legislation, which will be bolstered by recent terrorist attacks,  After that the crumbling infrastructure in the US will be addressed, which both parties support. Trump believes he will be successful with both of these issues.

The performance of the economy should be a significant boost to Trump’s efforts to implement his agenda. A higher stock market and more growth will positively impact voters.

Of course the sexual abuse revolution could hurt the president especially if new revelations surface about him. The current storm about Trump is just a rehash of old allegations, which voters arose before the presidential election.

Another dark cloud is the Mueller investigation. Additional indictments of Trump minions could  impact the political landscape. It appears that Americans are growing tired of the witch hunt by the special prosecutor.

Democrats are celebrating the Jones victory. They are hoping it is a sign of a new move to the left by voters, but if one examines relevant details about the congressional races, this is not likely to happen. The Democratic Party has one issue- Donald Trump. They have done nothing to inspire voters to support their candidates.

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