What If Trump Performs?

What if Trump implements tax reform, resulting in huge tickle down benefits to the middle class and greater economic growth?

What if Trump keeps relentless pressure on North Korea and it leads to regime change followed by a dismantlement of the country’s nuclear program?

What if Trump’s sanctions against Iran ultimately result in a much more docile regime without weapons of mass destruction?

What if Trump bankrupts Russia and Putin falls out of power?

What if Trump’s wall on the border of Mexico dramatically decreases the number of illegal aliens entering the US?

What It Trump abrogates Obamacare and the reformed medical system is less expensive for the federal government and insured Americans?

What if Trump is able to make reasonable changes to other entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security that are straining our financial system?

What if Trump encourages Congress to spend more money more wisely on defense so that the US can re-assume its leadership role throughout the world?

What if Trump  assists the UK economically and helps it end the Brexit crisis?

What if Trump finds a path to peace in the Israeli/Palestinian crisis?

What if Trump negotiates the forgiveness of a large amount of student debt?

What if Trump implements a plan to revitalize our country’s infrastructure?

What if Trump makes peace between African Americans and the police?

What if Trump offers jobs to all able-bodied welfare recipients?

What if Trump is able to end the animosity between Republicans and Democrats?

What if Trump spearheads and implements new laws that protect women against sexual abuse?

Would you be able to look past Trump’s terrible personality traits if he was able to accomplish a number of these things for America?

Is performance the most important assessment of our president? Or will America be shortsighted and not give its presidents a chance to prove themselves because of extraneous issues and politics?

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