Trump Should Stop Focusing On Obama And Clinton

It’s time for the Trump administration and Democrats to end their petty squabbling. America needs more from its leaders and lawmakers. Everyone in Washington should have a more forward-thinking perspective.

Trump ought to end his obsession with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Americans already know that they have done great damage to our country.

Obama’s ideological and insular governing perspectives are responsible, among other things, for the huge rift between socioeconomic groups in the nation and the drastic decline in the US’s reputation globally.

Class warfare that pits American against American has affected Congress to the point that it is unable to pass laws or balance budgets.

Internationally Obama left the Middle East in shambles, gave Iran the ability to build nuclear weapons, alienated Russia and allowed North Korea to build a nuclear arsenal that threatens its enemies existentially.

The Obama era is behind us, thankfully. With support of Congress Trump will be able to rectify his errors and missteps domestically and globally.

The Clinton dynasty has also ended. Bill and Hillary are now part of history. Regarding Hillary, her self-entitlement to office was a major cause of her downfall last year. She was unable to defeat Trump, a man with no government experience or even a shred of statesmanship.

Clinton was singlehandedly responsible for the devastation of the Democratic Party. Liberals in the country took ten steps backward politically as Clinton prosecuted one of the worst campaigns in history. Moreover her deceit and refusal to play by the same rules as other Americans contributed greatly to her downfall. Scandal after scandal has followed this person throughout her career. America is better off with the Clintons in retirement.

Donald Trump is not going to change. He is a divisive force in the country, not because of his agenda, but because of his horrible persona. It’s mindboggling that our president, so often, acts like a spoiled child if he does not get his way or someone criticizes him. His rise to power was one of the greatest mistakes in history.

Notwithstanding his moronic tweets and self-aggrandizing showboating, he wants to implement a sound list of ideas that would be beneficial to the country.

Tax reform, or what ever you want to call it, will likely spur the economy to some extent and be good for most taxpayers. Ironically affluent American will be paying more, especially in blue states because high state and local taxes are not deductible. The liberal press continually mischaracterizes this aspect of the law. It’s part of their fake news.

Trump’s actions in the Middle East are beneficial to the US and the world. We should be supporting our most important ally in the region, Israel. By siding with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states, the US will be able to more effectively fight back against the despicable government in Iran, which is responsible for a great deal of turmoil in the region. It is building a bomb, abetting terror, aiding the Syrian government and supporting violence throughout the area.

The administration has decided to enlist Russia and China while still opposing them in many situations. It’s a brilliant yet simple approach that neither Obama nor former presidents were able to implement. The US, Russia and China want less terrorism and less tension in hotspots across the globe along with beneficial trade arrangements, as does the US.

Trump’s other agenda items will also benefit America. They include common sense immigration policies that protect our borders, more spending on defense, improvement of our infrastructure, less waste in government, less regulation, smaller government and more respect for our police forces.

Trump must end his obsession with the Russian investigation. It makes news every day because of Trump, not for any new revelations. Special Counsel Mueller is investigating, his actions and staff are suspect of bias against the Trump administration, but the president says there was no collusion. He must suffer through this political witch-hunt.

It’s time that Trump stayed focused on things and issues that will make America greater and not waste time or energy on inevitable and unproductive attacks by the opposition. Democrats are giving Republicans very little to be concerned with as we move towards the 2018 election.

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