Hate Trump? Consider His Record To Date.

Greg Gutfeld, host of The Five, reviewed the accomplishments of the Trump administration yesterday. His sarcastic monologue was not subtle. In spite of very low ratings of the president’s personality and statesmanship, Gutfeld insisted that Americans should feel better about what’s going on in the country.

Here is a list of things that are elating conservatives, not liberals and other Trump haters.


  • The Dow Jones is moving towards 25,000. It is up more than 25% in 2017. Nasdaq has surged 30% this year and is approaching 7,000. Individual retirement accounts are increasing correspondingly.
  • The Gross National Product increased 3.1% in the 2nd quarter and 3.3% in the 3rd
  • US Consumer Confidence recently hit its highest level in 17 years.
  • Wage growth hit 3.4% in October, the highest level since 2008.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped to 4.1%.
  • Tax reform will be approved today and signed into law by the president. Republicans expect it will be a windfall for businesses and the middle class.
  • Illegal entry into the country has declined to its lowest level in years.
  • Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court.
  • ISIS has lost almost all of the land it absconded from Syria and Iraq.
  • Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel by the US.
  • Relations with Saudi Arabia have improved, an important event in the struggle against the rogue regime in Iran.
  • The Iran nuclear deal is under great scrutiny and will likely be abrogated.
  • The US is building global support to rein in North Korea and its nuclear program.
  • Relations with Russia and China are improving despite continuing disagreements in many critical areas.
  • James Comey, former FBI head, was fired.
  • Unfair and unproductive business regulations have been eliminated.
  • The US has become a global energy leader. In the meantime gas prices have remained stable.
  • Law enforcement is being celebrated regularly by the administration.
  • Trade deals unfavorable for the US will be renegotiated.


Trump bashers gave up on him even before he took office. Notwithstanding his brash personality the president is putting together a record that is impressive. It remains to be seen whether some of the items mentioned above will ultimately be good for the country, but Americans are beginning to appreciate the efforts of the administration. Perhaps some people on the fence will be comfortable judging the president on performance rather than on his demeanor. I’m sure some will never do so regardless of his accomplishments.

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