It’s 2018. What’s On Trump’s Agenda?

USA TODAY provided a list of “7 Things To Watch” relating to President Trump in the New Year. This essay will discuss each of the items and include two others that are equally important.

North Korea. The maniac that leads NOKO continues to threaten the US, South Korea and Japan. Additionally he has indicated that he will launch more ballistic missiles in an effort to perfect their performance and prove that the continental US is in the range of his weapons.

In the meantime Trump has responded with tweets telling the world that he has greater nuclear power than NOKO (really Mr. President?) and that he will obliterate NOKO if it makes any stupid decisions.

The threat of nuclear devastation, and destruction of SOKO in a conventional war with its northern neighbor are the darkest clouds hanging over the world. Trump’s un-statesmanlike responses to this situation are disconcerting although in recent days Kim Jung-un has been in touch with SOKO to discuss working together to ward off military action by the US.

Infrastructure. A deal can be made between Republicans and Democrats on this issue. The specter of taking on more debt to bring our country’s roads and bridges up to snuff should not deter our lawmakers. Democrats appear to be amenable about working towards a resolution of this non-partisan issue. Plus it will increase employment among many working Americans.

Health Care. The health care system is in total chaos. Prices are soaring, premiums are increasing dramatically and availability of doctors is shrinking. Obamacare is a colossal failure even though liberals continue to laud the entitlement.

The objective of providing medical insurance for all Americans is a noble one. But the mandate that forced all citizens to buy excessive insurance coverage or incur a tax (recently abrogated), and Obama’s desire to pump up his legacy with this ill-advised and not well thought out new entitlement resulted in an expensive disaster. The focus of health care should be on those that cannot afford protection, not universal participation. Ultimately the expansion of Medicaid in every state is what the federal government ought to be encouraging.

Immigration. The problem is far greater than the 700,000 immigrants brought to the US illegally when they were children. Dealing with this group is only the first item on the immigration agenda. They should all be given a path to citizenship that includes good behavior over time.

The greater problem is the fate of 10+ million illegal aliens in the country that are stressing the financial resources of several states. Mass deportation is not feasible, although troublemakers should be rooted out and returned to their countries of origin. The path for these people should be rigorous. Finding jobs, learning English and paying taxes along with good behavior must be part of any deal.

The wall, at first a Trump pipedream, is becoming more viable especially if it prevents additions to the existing number of illegals in the US. And real vetting of immigrants, students, workers and visitors is critical to reducing terrorist threats.

Welfare. Welfare costs are skyrocketing. The US gives too many too much encouragement to sit at home and cash government checks. Able-bodied people, not children or the infirmed, should be required to work in lieu of receiving government support. Jobs should be available, and no exceptions should be made.

Liberals will fight this effort believing that handouts equate to more votes.

Iran. The jig is up. It’s time to put maximum pressure on this rogue state. Its leaders are fomenting trouble in many parts of the Middle East. The US has rightly sided with Saudi Arabia against Iran and should penalize the latter for grievous misdeeds. Greater economic sanctions will ultimately topple the current regime. Recent government protests are an indication that the people are unhappy and the end may be near for the belligerent ayatollahs.

The Iran nuclear deal is a farce. It’s bad in every sense. Iran will develop a nuclear capability and threaten all Sunni states and Israel. Iran is on a path that is exactly like NOKO. By waiting the US will end up in the same situation as it is with NOKO.

The Debt Limit. If Republican promises that the tax cuts will inspire greater economic growth and more tax revenues prove to be true, the US can afford to increase defense spending, pay for tax cuts and begin to decrease the deficit. Now is not the time to quibble over another two or three trillion dollars.

The problem began during the Obama administration when spending for health care and continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan increased the deficit by several trillion dollars without any payoff.

My additions to the list include: the sexual abuse revolution and the Russian Investigation.

Sexual abuse. Abuse must end now. America needs to bring to an end all but the most serious cases of sexual abuse from the past. Significant crimes should be adjudicated. Prospectively businesses, federal, local and state governments, the military and religious organizations must adopt a zero tolerance policy against abuse. There should be no quarter for any new corroborated incidents of this ilk.

The continuation of the war between the sexes will be harmful to women in the long run. In fact they may actually lose ground by trying to avenge 7,000 years of male abuse in a year or two.

The Russian Investigation. It’s time for Robert Mueller to tell America what he has uncovered. It’s time to issue indictments, if any, and end this inane witch-hunt. The invasive activities of Mueller’s left wing gang of attorneys are not good for the country and are costing a fortune.

2018 will be a very stormy year. Hopefully the country will prosper, terrorism will subside, rogue nations will collapse and all Americans will be wealthier, healthier and happier.




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