“Fire And Fury” Tells Us What We Already Know

I admit I was anxious to read Michael Wolfe’s trashy book, Fire and Fury, about the Trump administration. My assistant scurried to get a copy of it for me on the first day it became available. I only had a chance to read part of the book and there have been no new revelations.

For the past year I’ve been very critical of Trump’s obnoxious, immature and self-aggrandizing persona. Yet I have been supportive of most of his agenda items. For those of you who have read my blog regularly you know I was in favor of the new tax cuts believing that if Americans have more money after taxes they would spend it and pump up the economy. Correspondingly I accepted the prediction that lower business taxes will make the US more competitive and higher profits will increase jobs and wages.

Further I’m supportive of Trump’s aggressive stances regarding North Korea, Iran and Israel, and his desire to have a strong military. And I want the federal government to stop illegal immigration, provide more jobs to decrease welfare, build and refresh our infrastructure and so on.

What I abhor and resent about the Trump administration is its total disorganization, never ending leaks and petty squabbles with anyone who disagrees with its direction, be they members of Congress, world leaders or other members of the administration.

Tweeting may be the next great communication tool of presidents, but I don’t believe anything substantive can be said with a few choice words. Policy should not be made at 4 a.m. by an insomniac president.

I read 75 pages, and Wolfe has done nothing other than to seek out anyone who has a gripe or negative comment about Trump. I’m beginning to think that the author is not at all interested in the whole truth or the other side of the story about Trump’s time in the White House. The more gossipy and dirty the perspective, the more likely Wolfe has it in his book. I guess that’s what sells.

We all know Trump picked amateurs to assist him and relies on even less experienced family members to advise him. The expectation that Jared Kushner was going to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is laughable. One cannot be elected president as a neophyte and select equally inexperienced individuals to create an organization to rule the the greatest country in the world.

We all know Trump is a 70 year-old child that has gotten his way his whole life. He needs constant self gratification and exaggerates (and lies) about everything he does to build his own self image. Americans expect their presidents to be mature, steadfast, inquisitive and statesman-like. Trump is none of these things.

His selection of outside advisors is an abomination and accounts for his administration’s disorganization and much of its criticism internally and externally. Steve Bannon is an egomaniac, a weirdo, who thinks he is the smartest man alive. Most Americans would not even invite him into their homes to hear his perspectives about government and leadership. He has no status as a senior political advisor for anyone.

Tillerson was a great businessman and is an ineffectual diplomat and organizer. He doesn’t have a clue how to handle Trump, so it’s no surprise that his ability to deal with Putin, Assad, Kim Jung-un and all the other maniacs that lead rogue countries is pathetic.

Sessions is a good and conservative man. He probably never met anyone else as ego maniacal as Trump. Since becoming Attorney General he has been impotent in his position and totally unable to deal with criticisms by the man who elected him

Almost everybody in America is critical of the way Trump behaves. They think he’s a liar, a misogynist, a self promoter, a really bad guy, etc. They are right. The man is despicable. So what are we learning from Wolfe? Not a damn thing. Absolutely nothing.

Perhaps, further into the book, Wolfe will talk policy and we will find out that Trump has a lot of good ideas for America. I doubt it but I will be steadfast about finding some balance in his tome.

And finally, Michael Wolfe is an incompetent advocate of his own work. He has trouble putting two sentences together. I saw him interviewed on Meet the Press. He does nothing to give his readers confidence that he’s is a good investigative reporter. Yet he’s going to get rich from the book.

Why did Trump and his staff allow this troll of a reporter to “sit on a couch” in the White House and interview the occupants? Trump obviously expected him to say positive things. He was delusion to think this would happen.

I’ll report back if I find a shred of balance in this book. Don’t hold your breadth and don’t waste your money. If you want to hear people bash Trump just turn on free TV to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC or CBS.

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