Hollywood Acts Like It Really Cares About Abused Women At Golden Globes

It’s that time of the year when Hollywood begins to shower itself with awards. First the Golden Globes, then the Oscars. The winners make the same old inane speeches thanking executives for giving them opportunities to star in movies or TV shows, and then, they mention the scores of people on their “teams” who helped make it all possible. This group includes all the barely relevant individuals that preen the stars and serve as their personal slaves.

This year, all of the over-paid celebrities acted like they really cared about the young women who who have been abused and harassed every day since the beginning of movie making over a century ago, while they drank champagne. The starlets wore multi-thousand dollar black gowns to protest the eons of mistreatment of girls and women.

If all these people were truly sincere about their concern for the horrible conditions in their industry they would have boycotted the opulent backslapping event and accepted their awards by mail. But then there would be no red carpet and posing for the cameras and the celebrity magazines.

Seth Meyers got the ball rolling last night at the Golden Globes by making jokes about some of the sleazeballs that have been outed as sexual abusers in the past few months. It’s now okay to make fun of Harvey Weinstein by name because he can no longer blackball anyone who mentions his overactive libido.

For 30 years the man terrorized females with outrageous and shameful behavior and everyone looked the other way or grinned  and bared it to get a role. How many choice parts were delivered to women over the years because they gave into the darkest desires of powerful men?

Many of the women at the awards were subjected to this disgusting hazing process, but their memories are short because they achieved fame and fortune. Why didn’t some of these women speak up years ago to protect their sisters? I know, they were frightened and concerned about their careers. The women who took the dangerous first steps to out men like Weinstein should have been awarded Golden Globe statues this year.

Scores and maybe thousands of women have been raped, assaulted and degraded by men who abused their positions of power. How could this go on for so long? It’s all about money and fame, and of course fear. It finally came to head because some women put principle ahead of material benefits.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think Hollywood types are the most narcissistic people anywhere. They would do anything, and I mean anything, to get a role and be filmed and photographed. The money and notoriety these people receive is not commensurate with their skills- memorizing lines and shedding a tear at the right moment hardly warrants tens of millions of dollars of compensation. Yet these people just really love each other, and their groupies want to be seen with them in public. It must be great to be on the A-list.

As I looked across the room full of Golden Globe aspirants I couldn’t help wonder how many of the women were deflowered by men in attendance. Perhaps we will soon find out that several more male executives and actors with insatiable sexual appetites abused the women they worked with.

Now we are supposed to believe that aspiring actresses will receive parts based only on their performance in screen tests. Sexual favors will no longer be a part of the process in choosing a cast. Yeah right.

You may say that I’m being excessively critical of Hollywood. After all it provides us with  very good movies and TV shows that are enjoyed by millions. It’s true, the market has deemed that highly successful actors be paid a fortune to perform, just like high performers in other industries. But none of the other industries flaunt raw sexuality and bad behavior like Hollywood.

There was a moment where Meyers was nice enough to remember all the other people who are part of the cinema and TV process including hair stylists, makeup people, set crews, coffee and lunch getters, etc. It was a tribute to all those who are interns earning no money or those making $15/hour. It was so rewarding that the stars remembered all the peons and slaves who do all the sh-t work for so little.

I hate these award shows. I resent all the self- aggrandizing, politically correct egomaniacs. In fact they remind me of Donald Trump. And the affair was an opportunity for Oprah Winfrey to declare her intentions to run for president. That’s all we need is another neophyte in the Oval Office.


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