NY Times Publishes Letters That Support Trump, And Then Publishes Letters That Ridicule Same People

The New York Times prominently published letters from several supporters of President Trump in the editorial section of the newspaper on Thursday. Was this some sort of scam? Why would the Times give “deplorables” an opportunity to laud the accomplishments and agenda of the most hated man among liberals.

Let me first say that I congratulate the Times for airing the opinions of others that they so vehemently oppose. This is an example of fair and balanced journalism. Yet I can’t believe that there might be a catch or a surprise forthcoming.

Note: The aforementioned was written last night. This morning I immediately checked the letters section of the paper and what did I find? Vicious attacks by liberal readers who really do believe that anyone who disagrees with their perspectives is deplorable. One person summed up the collective response of the letters. “Why do you keep asking questions of Trump voters? Who cares what they think?” This attitude is reminiscent of the recent Berkeley riots during which protesters ravaged the campus because they objected to a conservative speaker. So much for the home of free speech. Political haters should stop judging Trump and his supporters and reconsider their close-minded perspectives and inflammatory rhetoric. Frankly they give liberalism a bad name.

Generally the letters supporting Trump were well-written and thoughtful. These people knew they would be scorned by the radical left for having their political perspectives. This compares to the pathetic and trite comments by the letters today. Most of the pro-Trump letters clearly indicated that the president’s demeanor, attitude, belligerence and lack of complete knowledge of the facts are detrimental to the country. Notwithstanding all this they approve of his agenda and laud his accomplishments.

For the benefit of all the readers who side with the anti-Trumpers, I’d like to remind you of some of the positive things he has done and will do in the coming months. Everything in the administration is transparent unlike the previous president who thought every American was an idiot that could never understand his world view. I’m very happy he is  in retirement.

Allow me to expand on the ideas presented by the pro-Trump letters on Thursday.

  • Trump eliminated many burdensome regulations that Obama installed by circumventing Congress.
  • Trump was able to confirm a conservative judge to the Supreme Court, replacing a conservative judge who passed away.
  • Trump has dramatically impacted ISIS by enabling our military leaders to effectively deal with these terrorists.
  • Trump is in the process of terminating unfair trade agreements globally that cost the US billions.
  • Trump is moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • Trump has indicated that he wants to increase the readiness of the military. Recent studies have shown a dramatic decline in the effectiveness of our forces.
  • Trump was able to enact his tax reform. It will benefit corporations and all citizens.
  • Corporations have promised to use tax savings to build new facilities in the US and to share increased after tax profits with workers.
  • Many corporations will bring trillions of dollars back from foreign subsidiaries at a one-time low tax rate. This money will generate revenues for the Treasury and a meaningful portion of it will be used for capital expenditures in the US, which will increase employment.
  • Trump is effectively dealing with North Korea attempting to clean up the missteps of previous administrations.
  • Trump is effectively dealing with Iran and will abrogate an inane nuclear treaty with our most hated enemy.
  • Trump is in favor of DACA. He will act to protect 800,000 innocent children of illegal aliens supplemented by more border security.
  • Illegal immigration has subsided markedly.
  • The stock market has increased about 40% this year enriching many Americans including millions of middle class individuals through their 401ks.
  • Trump has been totally transparent about his objectives something that has been helpful to those who report the news. Not that news people appreciate it.
  • Immigration reform is around the corner. No longer will our borders be porous enabling more illegals to enter the country and sap the resources of those states that accumulate illegals.
  • Trump has exposed the media every time it errs or twists the truth. This is not an attack on free speech. It is an effort to improve the reporting of news in this country. Conversely the press exposes mistakes made by the administration. Sounds like a fair trade off.

Of course there are many issues plaguing the administration including an ongoing and inane Russian collusion investigation. Additionally the relationship between the administration and Congress is not productive. And finally the president really does not act like a statesman.

Considering all the pros and cons, I would say, on balance, America is ahead of the game in spite of all the efforts by radical liberals to destroy the administration.



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