Congressional Dysfunction Threatens The US

Like many Americans this morning, I’m disgusted with the incompetence and inflexibility of our federal government. The ability of the government to operate on a daily basis is the highest priority. Securing our nation and paying those that operate it, should supersede all other priorities.

Both political parties share the responsibility of shutting down the government last night. But Democrats deserve the most scorn. Why would they prevent the government from doing its job to protect illegal aliens?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to protect DACA children and I want a merit-based path to citizenship for 10 million people living in the US illegally. If I were negotiating a deal for the Democrats I would not emasculate my government for the interests of those who are not citizens and have broken the law.

Senate Democrats in states won by Trump in 2016 are in grave danger. Middle America is not so concerned about the needs of felons living here, as they are worried about paying federal employees and refurbishing our military.

Many believe draconian actions by Congress relating to our armed forces have impacted our military readiness. In a world where America is threatened by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorists throughout the world, should our air force have bombers that are out of service, or ballistic missiles that might not fire if we need them?

The individuals that are setting priorities for the Democrats (Schumer and Pelosi) are leading their flock into a raging storm. If their actions impede our country’s ability to protect its citizens, they are dead meat. America will never forgive them for putting illegals ahead of citizens and national security.

Republicans share a great deal of blame as well. Given that they control the entire government, why aren’t they leading America out of its current funk? With intra-party cooperation the G.O.P. could do almost anything legislatively. It could overwhelm the radical left wing elements of the opposition party.

But certain individuals, specifically the most conservative Republicans, are unable to understand that without a united front, Republicans lose their clout. Any idiot should be able comprehend this basic concept.

So when I read that Republicans are conflicting with each other, and this includes the president, it turns my stomach. Democrats, by remaining united, are calling the shots. The electorate could naturally conclude that Republicans are unable to govern even with a majority position in both houses of Congress.

If Republicans want to retain control of the government, the first thing they must do is join together and set aside petty issues to retain the majority. United they will ultimately destroy the opposition. Divided they will soon be calling Nancy Pelosi Madam Speaker.

Most important is that Congress set priorities to ensure conservative principles. If a small compromise is necessary, do it and back track later. The government’s operational capabilities are more important than any entitlement and certainly more important than any group of interlopers in our country.

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