Russian Collusion, Obstruction And The Wall

It’s getting pretty tense in Washington as the politicians continue to hurl accusations at each other.

President Trump is attacking the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, as well as fake news generated by legitimate and not so legitimate outlets. Democrats are assailing Trump for every known abhorrent behavior and personality trait known to man including misogyny, sexism, xenophobia, racism, egomania and just being a damn liar. Never has a president been accused of so much.

Let’s discuss the Special Counsel. Mueller may be nearing the end of his investigation (yawn). He recently asked the president to testify under oath. Trump agreed, IF his personal counsel sanctioned it. Given the risks of such a conversation, I think we know how this is going to play out. It would be an unwise action given the well-known tactics used by prosecutors in these types of situations.

In any case Mueller should wrap up his adventure and tell us about all of the crimes against humanity Trump has perpetrated. The whole process to prove that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election was ill advised, inane and too expensive.

Based upon what we have been told about the chaos in the Trump campaign and his administration (read Fire and Fury), does anyone really believe he or any of his flunkies have the savvy or ability to rig an entire presidential election with Vladimir Putin? Please!

Mueller is also investigating obstruction of justice accusations even though the president has the constitutional right to choose and fire any of his advisors. Everyone in the Justice Department directly or indirectly works for the president. The obstruction ploy is a stretch given the transparency of the administration on this matter.

Democrat name-calling has no real effect on the president. He has weathered the storm for years. If the best argument liberals can muster is that Trump does not have the personality or demeanor to be president, so what? Americans already know all this. Has any one forgotten the Republican primaries?

Democrats will surely take aim on Trump’s agenda. Let’s discuss the wall, the most controversial issue. Americans want border security. There is a wall that will be acceptable to a majority of voters. It’s not going to be 2,000 miles long and cost $50 billion. Trump is ready to scale back the structure that will be built in strategic location to limit incremental illegal immigration from Mexico, thereby keeping a campaign promise.

Trump should accuse liberals of being more concerned about illegals than Americans. Democrats, with their never-ending concern about cruel treatment of illegal aliens, will lose the debate. Ask anyone in Middle America about how they feel about the 10+ million illegals that Democrats want to give amnesty to.

The spread of sanctuary cities and states is another canard. Why are liberals so intent on focusing on those who entered the country illegally and are draining our resources? Why are these people more important than Americans living in abject poverty in urban areas? Why don’t we allocate limited resources towards crime, education, drug usage and more social services, rather than to those who broke our laws?

Regarding DACA, let’s be clear. An overwhelming majority of Americans, including both liberals and conservatives, want to protect young immigrants who were brought to America by their parents. Liberals, stop saying conservatives don’t care about these young people. There is no debate. The problem is that Democrats want to use this issue to close down our government and make gains in other unrelated areas.

Trump said DACA is a done deal with border security (including a modest wall), and no more lottery immigration or migration of extended families. Let’s do this deal and move on.


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