Destroy The Trump Presidency: The Only Political Objective Of Democrats (and the liberal press)

The time has come for Republicans and President Trump to call the bluff of obstructionist Democrats. There is no conceivable reason for the president or conservatives to give any ground or to cooperate with the uncompromising and hatred-driven opposition. Trump’s detractors in Congress and in the press are becoming more brazen and disrespectful every day.

The most current and absurd criticism of the president has to do with his refusal to approve the declassification of a Democratic memo relating to a FISA warrant. It gave the FBI permission to spy on an American who was a minor campaign worker for the Trump administration. The president wants Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to delete comments in their memo that reveal national security information, a perfectly reasonable request in the minds of everyone except partisan Democrats.

Republicans are claiming that Democrats intentionally included sensitive information to encourage Trump to demand redactions. This would enable them to say the president is being unfair because no such redactions were made to the corresponding memo written by Republicans. Trump and everyone who has read the Republican memo know there is no secret information in it.

This political jockeying is a total waste of time. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member on the committee, a notorious partisan and leaker to the liberal press, is engaged in a non-stop conflict with Devin Nunes (R-CA), the Chairman of the committee.

Trump said he would approve the declassification of the Democratic memo when the security changes were made. It should be noted that every Democrat on the committee opposed the declassification of the Republican memo, while Republicans voted unanimously to approve declassification of the Democratic memo.

Another stupid commotion has arisen relating to the firing of Rob Porter, former White House Staff Secretary for the president. Most people have said that Porter was a very bright and productive member of the administration. Because of some issues relating to his two former wives the FBI did not give him a top-secret clearance during the past year.

It came to light that Porter physically and mentally abused his wives, which certainly justifies immediate dismissal. Democrats have said that the Trump administration was dragging its feet on Porter and protecting him. The fact that President Trump fired him 48 hours after the revelations of serious abuse became public has not tempered the controversy.

Why are we wasting time on the timeline of Porters’ dismissal? Trump fired him, end of story. The press is slashing away, and now, John Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff, is under pressure for not moving more quickly on Porter.

What is hypocritical is that the media, which has its own bushel of sexual scandals, is sanctimoniously attacking others for “not moving quickly enough” when men like Matt Lauer, Roger Ailes and many other industry types have been ravaging women for years.

The never-ending attacks by the left are making it impossible for Trump to govern. In fairness the president’s attitude is not making his life any easier in the White House. He’s rude and combative, but he’s not going to change. 2020 is just around the corner.

Trump’s agenda is still sound and should be pursued in spite of all the hate emanating from liberal ranks. There is no hope of reconciliation, so the president should press forward and give Schumer and Pelosi more rope to hang themselves and destroy their party of obstructionists.

The saddest aspect of all this craziness is that important issues affecting our country are not being addressed. You know the list, national security, poverty, education, infrastructure, military strength and so on. Democrats would rather continue on with the witch-hunt relating to Russian collusion. Suffice it to say not one shred of evidence has implicated Trump to this point. The current Special Counsel has once again proven that his employment is disastrous for our political system.

Voters yearn for a well-oiled Congress that works together to deal with important issues. They also dream of a press corps that is fair and dedicated to the truth, not their political bias.




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