Romney For President

Donald Trump has no chance to be reelected president of the United States even if he is able to implement his agenda. Too many people cannot stomach the president any longer because of his persona. Americans want effective government in Washington and Trump is not the man for the job. Some are suggesting that he will walk away from the White House after his first term. That would be a blessing, but his ego will likely drive him to enter the primaries once again. Alas!

A short time ago Mitt Romney indicated he was going to vie for the seat that is being vacated by the legendary senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT). It really felt good to see Romney’s face on TV once again. Then it struck me, the man still wants to be president, and the senate seat is going to be a stepping-stone to a presidential run.

Why not Romney? Unlike Trump he is directly out of central casting. As embarrassed as we are with president’s demeanor, behavior and sordid history, Romney election would give Americans a man to be proud of. He is a religious man with great character. He looks like a president and statesman. In spite of all his financial success Romney empathizes with those who are needy.

Romney is a seasoned professional and has the benefit of competing for the presidency in 2012 (He was also governor of Massachusetts.). He lost to Obama for all the wrong reasons that had more to do with his mismanaged campaign than anything else. But we can rest assured that Romney will not make the same “rookie” mistakes again. His ability to connect with all Americans, rich and poor, will enable him to win the presidency. At age 70 this is the man’s last chance to build a fabulous legacy as a businessman and politician.

You might be saying that I’m getting ahead of myself. Trump recently endorsed Romney for the senate seat. So everything is copacetic between the men. Not!

Romney bashed Trump during the campaign. He said “. . . dishonesty was Trump’s hallmark.” And Trump “[was the] dumbest and worst candidate in history.”

Trump returned the favor by reminding us that Romney “choked” in his loss to Obama. And “[Romney was] one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics.” No kidding, they said the same thing about each other.

Some think Romney is just getting back into the political game with his run for the senate seat. He will easily be elected in conservative Utah (Hatch also endorsed Romney), but his objective is still the White House.

The $64,000 question is whether Trump or any of his hacks have figured this out, and whether Trump’s endorsement is supposed to prevent a challenge by Romney in 2020. The president probably thinks his endorsement will make him and Romney BFFs. I don’t think so.

Can Romney win a presidential election? He was a very successful businessman and earned a fortune during his tenure as head of a private equity firm. During the 2012 contest with Obama, Romney seemed very detached and uncomfortable when grilled about his feelings for poor people. He is an aristocrat. How could he be good for the needy in America? Republicans can be sure that Romney will be better prepared to address this issue. He will show great empathy for lower socioeconomic groups, illegal aliens and people of color.

Trump is going to be livid when Romney challenges him, a sitting president, for the nomination. After all he will be helping Romney get elected to the Senate. I can hear Trump now saying, “How could Romney be so disloyal to me?” The answer is that Romney thinks Trump is intellectually, morally and metaphysically incapable of governing 320 million Americas. There are a lot of citizens who agree with this perspective.

Republicans will once again put on another great sideshow during the primaries. “Mitt, you lost the last time you ran. Americans hate losers. They love me because I’m a winner. First time out of the box I run for president, and here I am in the White House.”

“Donald, you have no soul. You’re an empty suit. You’re a misogynist and a scoundrel. You cheated people in business all the time. You are a liar. For four years you never told the truth to the American people.”

“Mitt, you don’t have the balls to be president. Putin and the Little Rocket Man will walk all over you.”

“I can assure you I will be firm with America’s enemies. They think you are nothing but a windbag.”

I could easily write the script for entire primary race.

Ironically Dems think the presidential election will be a cakewalk. Either Trump will be nominated, and he has several tons of baggage, or Romney, the loser, will be the opponent.

Not to worry fellow conservatives. Romney will win the primary hands down and will crush whomever the do-nothing, obstructionist Dems nominate.

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